*If you choose to submit to Trend Prive Magazine, you will be agreeing to
abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Trend Prive
Magazine may change, add or remove portions of this Agreement at any time.
You may submit your content according to our guidelines.*


*We do NOT allow:*

-hate speech, harassment, profanity, vulgarity or inappropriate material
directed toward specific individuals or groups of individuals.
-obscene, defamatory or libelous content.
-copyrighted material for which you do not have the corresponding rights to

-content that has already been published with other magazines or on the
web. Only exclusive content, please!

– No political statements.
-sexually explicit or suggestive material, including real or simulated
images, text or video.
-offensive, profane, obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language or imagery.
-unlawful, prohibited, or regulated goods, products or services, including
those that promote illegal or prohibited activities.
-graphic, obscene or violent content that is published for sadistic effect
or to glorify violence.

-content that showcases animal cruelty (fur, burgers, zoos, etc)

– content that showcases usage of alcohol, drugs or smoking cigarettes.

– This is a *WEB cover* submission. “Cover” doesn`t not imply print
publication. The cover will be featured on the homepage of our website and
potentially on our social media channels as well.
– Your work has been published in other magazines before or you have
brilliant photography skills. Only excellent photography portfolios will be
– You understand that we are not liable for costs, if any, occurred at
your shoot. Please only carry out a shoot if you can financially afford to
and have the necessary insurance to cover any unforeseen damage.
– You understand that we do *NOT issue refunds *for this submission.
Only submit if you`re confident we`ll accept your work.
– The cover story is not guaranteed until we accept it. Please do NOT
make any (false) promises to any designer/s, model/s, etc.
– Your *web cover*/ *lookbook cover* must have a strong and clear story.
Be creative and original! Also, please provide the team and clothing
credits as well.
– Your *web cover story *must have an interview as well. We prefer a
humanitarian and meaningful story. Also, please provide the team and
clothing credits as well.

– Unfortunately *we do not supply free copies* of the magazine. This is
simply because of printing cost. However, we will happily provide digital
tear sheets and information of where the magazine can be purchased.

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