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Film and TV reviews, critique, news; “Top 10 favorite films (or TV shows)” lists, interviews with TV and film crew (that are NOT celebrities and that are behind the camera).

Chameleon shadow the film

Chameleon Shadow

Chameleon Shadow is a strange twisted tale that lives somewhere between a found footage movie…

Anna Unbound with streamlette film distribution

Anna Unbound

 Anna Unbound is the highly-lauded directorial debut from Scottish director Bernd Porr. This beautiful and…

Streamlette movie downloads

Streamlette Vers 2.0

With Streamlette leading the charge on the independent film circuit, they are constantly innovating and…

Mr Dashbo

Mr. Dashbo stepped in and filled a gap in an ever-increasing world of indie film…

Zero Justice

Tanezcor films

With their short film “territory of Dust” working its way around the world in a …

Streamlette film distribution

Streamlette Distribution

With an ever-changing film market and the decrease in royalties, the team behind Streamlette decided to…

‘Isle of Dogs’

Isle of Dogs, this new stop-motion animated film was written and directed by Wes Anderson and…

The territory of Dust

The Territory of Dust

The brainchild of Czech filmmaker Maximilian Nemec aka Omar Zahid, who grew up with Spaghetti westerns…

Image courtesy of headshots Scotland

Head Shots Scotland

Leading the way in the professional arena for headshots, we find the team over at…


Nepal: Jewel of Asia

In fashion terms, Nepal, particularly Kathmandu has become a mecca of fashion films.  A spiritual…

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