We are all VIPs. It doesn’t take a red carpet or a designer gown to make you special.

Trend Prive is all about trying to change the world for the better. If you can think of something you care about… animal shelters, the homeless, awareness around an issue OR EVEN just doing something nice to put a smile on peoples faces, then you can become a #HumanityVIP.

We are looking for people to create a video challenging people to do some Random Act Of Kindness that they lay out for them. Visiting people in the hospital, drawing attention to a charity to donate to, whatever cause is your favourite. IDEALLY you are DOING this thing in the video or at least referring to it (maybe have your dog in the video with you if you volunteer with rescue dogs for example). Go ahead and give some info as to why the cause is important to you.

Do a short iPhone vid and then those tagged post photos of themselves doing that thing and THEY post their own video. The more FUN the challenge the better. I would LOVE for something CRAZY to emerge so feel free to go nuts… but keeping it simple is totally happy too. The key is to get out and DO something… ANYTHING… to do good in the world.

You can do this as an individual, a team or even a business. If your company does something extra to help the world, we want to SEE it! Throw us your video and which page to tag and we will post you on our wall etc and throw all sorts of kudos your way. This is a great opportunity to draw attention to what you do… just don’t make it a “commercial”… it has to be from the heart and personal. And fun.

Go ahead and take a look at what videos we have already posted, and get your gears turning. If we see something exceptional you might even end up with a TPM “Oscar”… one of our soon to be famous prizes! (Maybe we will be calling it a TP Moscar… might have to ponder that one.)