Print and Web Feature

Unfortunately we cannot provide free content anymore. Our writers have been doing work with no financial compensation for years and it`s extremely important to us that we start paying them for their time and effort. Their energy, loyalty, and commitment matters, and we want to tangibly demonstrate our gratefulness for the contributions they make.

Paying our entire staff is our main goal, but until then we want to ensure we can continue to bring you excellent content within every issue and each day. We believe this goal requires some form of imbursement for our amazing contributors.


Web WRITE-UP (min. 100 words) – $ 120
Print WRITE-UP (min. 100 words) – $250

Website and Print INTERVIEW  -$ 550
Website INTERVIEW  -$ 350
Website Post- Artist BIO (min. 100 words) -$ 270

We offer discounts quarterly. For more info on OFFERS, please feel free to contact our Advertising Department.

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