Interview with Ramona, the brains and talent behind Ramelle clothing brand.


Zia:  Tell us a bit about yourself.  Anything you`d like our readers to know about Ramona, the brains and talent behind Ramelle.

Ramona is a woman who enjoys every day of her life’s journey.

Ramona I was the little girl, I wanted to find out what my life’s meaning was. At the age of 15, I chose to take responsibility for my future and that coincided with my departure to high school.  I was lucky because my parents gave me this freedom and did not restrict me.

I chose the hard way, however, this helped me discover myself and determined me to reach more of my potential, put my faith in Divinity and in my own strength.

I started working at 16 during the holidays because I wanted to be independent, meet people, and learn from them.

My very first degree was in another field, subsequently, I studied 3 years of visual arts, and opened up an atelier, where I created custom made and hand-painted dresses. I am an autodidact and after studying intensively with loads of practice, I decided to launch collections, which I promoted nationwide in the beginning, and afterwards, internationally by taking part in some fashion fairs.

The career that I chose came as a package with other jobs that I had to learn how to carry out, as I didn’t have enough funds to build my own team to help me grow my brand. This is why I became a fashion designer, manager, sales agent, PR, accountant, sewer and so on.

I “raised” my brand – RAMELLE – just like a child, in an organic way, with a lot of dedication, and it brings me a lot of joy that nowadays, my creations are appreciated by stylists and magazines, that they are worn by celebrities, that I receive positive feedback from my customers. This helped the brand evolve, and it made me believe that dreams really do come true if you work hard and never give up.


Photo: Ciprian Stelian


Zia asked Ramona: When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in the fashion design industry?

I realized I want to create garments around the age of six. I didn’t know what the term ‘fashion designer’ meant back then, but I was intrigued by everything that had to do with fabrics, clothes, colours, shapes.

I created my first dress after an illustration that I made, with someone else’s help of course, around the age of seven, for the end of year school celebration.

However, only when I was about 25 I had the courage to follow my dream and effectively take action in this direction.


Photo: Zia Vey
Model: Virginia Usiku
Make-up: Andra Adam
Hairstyle: Andreea Prodan

Zia: What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

I love art, fashion, the whole process of creating – they fascinated me ever since I was a little child.

My dream was to create, to bring joy, to leave something beautiful to this world.

Zia: What was your biggest fear when going out and starting your own line?

I believe my biggest fear was the fear of failure.


Photo: Catalin Palosanu
Hair, creative director: Catalin Lungu
Make-up: Florina Andrei

Zia: Where do you get your inspiration from?

I take inspiration from the whole Universe.

I was always curious and had a thirst for knowledge, and every single knowledge I gained fueled my inspiration.

I’m mesmerized by what is not very obvious, subtle details in nature, symbols, sacred geometry, architecture and so on.

Zia: If you could dress any celebrity, who would that be, and for what event?

I appreciate people who have become famous because I know how much hard work, sacrifice, and dedication you have to put in to accomplish your dreams and not stray away from the path that you chose.

I am honoured and grateful to have any of those celebrities wear my designs.


Photo: Zia Vey
Model: Virginia Usiku
Make-up: Andra Adam
Hairstyle: Andreea Prodan

Zia: There’s so much pressure for designers to come out with their greatest collection season after season. What advice would you give to young designers just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry?

Usually, I avoid giving advice because we all have different mentalities and emotions; therefore our actions are also different from each other.

I would ask them two questions though:

Why do they want to be fashion designers?

How strongly they want to work in this field on a scale from one to ten?

If they will be honest with themselves and their answer varies from eight to ten, I would say be brave and go for it. Focus on what they want and what they know they can offer, not on their fears that come from the inside and the outside.

No one can guarantee your success, however, with perseverance, patience, thirst for knowledge, will of putting in 100% dedication in what they’re doing, they will surely manage to create something amazing.


Photo: Catalin Palosanu
Hair, creative director: Catalin Lungu
Make-up: Florina Andrei

Zia:  How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes?

I wanted to create atemporal clothes, to represent more than things that we wear, to be an artistic manifestation, to offer experiences that fuel the wish of buying that product.

I want the clothes I create to make women feel special and to give them authenticity, to enhance their beauty and to bring them self-confidence and comfort.

Zia:  If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be?

I would tell myself to not be afraid of the unknown, of failure.


Photo: Zia Vey
Model: Mihaela Bucurel
Make-up: Andra Adam
Hairstyle: Andreea Prodan

Before ending Zia asked Ramona:  Is there a question you would have wanted us to ask? Which one and what is the answer to it?

I think the questions you have asked me were the most fitting ones and managed to create a scenery where I can open up, talk about myself, and affectionately remember the beginning of my career.



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