Interview with Fashion Photographer Mauro Lorenzo

Photography & Art Director : Mauro Lorenzo Website: Styling & Art Director : Carol Cordella @karolcordella.stylist Agency Casting Model : Visual Tag Agency @visualtagagency Hair team: Visual Tag Agency @visualtagagency Make-up: Monica Boccuni @monicaboccuni Model and Mother Agency: Ariia Go @ariia__go @independent_mgmt Location : Accademia di Brera – Milano Style assistant: Istituto Cordella Dress: Matteo Sasso designer ( )
Hat: Ferruccio Vecchi Cappelli ( )


Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? When did you start your photography career? Where can we find your work?


I’m a Italian fashion photographer always looking for new inspirations.

Colors, research for details, landscapes and fashion and visual photography drove me to get passionate about this job. Next mandatory step was to study and work hard. So I attended a master in photography and workshops held by estimated names in photography field.

I traveled around Europe, assisting a great and famous French photographer.
I have attended many courses on fashion photography and post-production photography.
My career begun in 2012 founding my  own studio: Mauro Lorenzo Fotografia / Studio.

Nowadays Mauro Lorenzo I’m travelling a lot through Italy, Europe and USA, an I’m engaged in important works in Rome, Venice, Paris, London, Bucharest and Los Angeles.

My fashion Photography portfolio is published on Vogue Italy , L’Officiel, Elle  and on several Magazines and websites or on several Tv commercial channel ( Sky , Fashion Tv , Rai 1 and Canale 5).

In 2017 I was in the top 10 new talent in fashion photography in Europe.

Now I teach fashion photography for an important Italian Photography Academies through theoretical and practice learning.


Dress: Emanuele Serra designer ( )
Sunglasses: Kyme Sunglasses
( ) ( )
Balaclava and Shoes : Stylist Archive


Which photographers influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path?

Every photographer below has influenced my career with the following features:

Kristian Schuller: who with his theatrical vision helps me to observe in the color and photographic technique of movement and long exposures.

Giampaolo Sgura: the true fashion photographer … fresh and dynamic color and images

Steven Meisel: a photographer “chameleon” … always super contemporary and with warm and fascinating colors. A vision always unique and suitable for every new trend. In keeping with the photographic changes, it is always innovative.

Tim Walker: Fantasy and theatricality in photography. With his style in just one year he has been able to shoot Gucci, Timetable Pirelli, Alberta Ferretti, Oscar De La Renta and many top brands. A unique style that is recognized among the many photos of a magazine.

and finally other names such as: Richard Avedon, Steve McCurry, Paolo Roversi, David LaChapelle and new great names as Txema Yeste.


Dress: Matteo Sasso designer ( )
Jacket and Belt : Valentino Couture



How would you describe your photography style?

Harmony between architecture and fashion
Research and experimentation on shapes, colors and concepts, architectural elements and commercial trends.
Whether it is external or in the studio, I try to put all this in every job.
From research to realization, to brainstorming of moods to choice of locations, every shape and color can inspire my shooting.


 What technology/software/camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best, as you photograph?

Shoot with canon 1dx and always use a live view program on the pc.

I always watch the work on the monitor when I shoot and try to never lose the attention on every detail.

I use a lot of flash light with natural light.

I make no difference between studio or location, because I often use complex light patterns to enhance the light itself.


Dress: Matteo Sasso designer ( )
Hat: Ferruccio Vecchi Cappelli ( )


What motivates you to continue taking pictures?


There is only one answer to this question: I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ALL ITS EMOTIONS. I feel photography in my heart, in colors and in every art form I see. My photography and my work have 3 great points that I always try to improve: 1-Never stop dreaming … going beyond the trivial and the usual. Also in commercial photography, always propose something new, contemporary and recognizable. find inspiration from every sector, also apparently far from photography and fashion. 2-Be innovative and focused with their own style … I think the last two “tips” over the years have made me learn a lot about this industry. Searching for one’s own style, recognizable among so many. Impose a recognizable mark in every job or shot, so people can tell without any doubts “ah, this photo seems to be taken by…”. In the eyes of the fashion system, these small factors, in my opinion, are what one can most appreciate for a true artist! 3-Studying studying and studying photography and fashion … I think it’s crucial to know, to study every miniclip of history and contemporaneity in this area. Know secrets and look at the details that led great photographers to being top fashion photographer.


Dress : Giovanni Memori designer and Diamond Couture ( )
Jacket : Balenciaga Couture
Belt: Valentino Couture
Hat : Ferruccio Vecchi Cappelli ( )
Shoes : Stylist Archive


If you could photograph anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would that be and why?

I would have liked to take a portrait or an editorial to Michael Jackson o Freddy Mercury.

Icon and fusion between various arts.

Chameleonic and always innovative artists.
I’m sure they would have given me great emotions and taught me something unique.

I love music and for this reason too, they will always remain a great dream.


Dress: Pierpaolo Fanuli designer ( )
Hat : Ferruccio Vecchi Cappelli ( )
Guanti: Sermoneta Gloves ( )
Shoes : Stylist Archive


Do you have a humanitarian cause close to your heart? Which one is it and why? Have you considered creating an editorial to express your feelings towards this specific cause?


I live in southern Italy, and for many years I have experienced the tragedy of the landings by the populations fleeing from war nations.

This is a tragedy that touches the heart…to see women, children and men, marked by so much pain.

I once thought about an editorial on this subject, but I’ve always been afraid to make this a bad show that doesn’t represent the true meaning of tragedy.


Dress: Emanuele Serra designer ( )
Sunglasses: Kyme Sunglasses
( ) ( )
Balaclava and Shoes : Stylist Archive


What do you love most in a model? What is your favorite set?

I love seeing versatility in a model. I love seeing movement and how it interprets the set.

I don’t like static and stationary models.

My photography is made of dynamic models and always very present. I like to imagine them as actors of a fashion film.

There are so many important jobs that helped me to grow and develop a matured vision of photography.

If I have to choose among 3 of my successes, they will be for sure:

-LOVENICE, Haute Couture photography service in the beautiful Venice, it received a lot of positive reviews from the magazine and fashion staff.

-BONNES NOUVELLES, fashion editorial shoot in Paris with a pieces from Dior, Lacroix, Versace, Moschino and more.. A super team that took 2 days among stunning and iconic locations. Besides shooting, I also directed the editorials.

-INFERNO Project, beautiful photographic service shot in Italia…amazing fashion photographic project from “Divina Commedia” of Istituto Cordella fashion accademy.

A super project that saw me shoot everything with a fish-eye lens, and with a great team from all over Italy.

Now I have many other important works, such as the worldwide advertising for a man brand, which had as a model, a supermodel Malcolm Lindberg. He works all over the world and was also a protagonist of the new spot commercial directed by great director Paolo Sorrentino.

I love seeing versatility in a model or model. I love seeing movement and how it interprets the set. I don’t like static and stationary models. my photography is made of dynamic models and always very present. I like to imagine them as actors of a film


Dress: Emanuele Serra designer ( )
Sunglasses: Kyme Sunglasses
( ) ( )
Balaclava and Shoes : Stylist Archive

What is your photography pet peeve? Is there anything a model should never do in front of your camera?

There’s a series of a behaviors that i can’t go through in photography.

Those who consider an advertising campaign as a simple necessary element of the budget, overlooking the emotional impact that this media could generate to the audience.

Those entrepreneurs who, instead of providing you a detailed brief concept to develop creatively and professionally through images, give you a solution often inspired to their competitors campaign.

Those not understainding thet pro’s, time and budget are the vital elements giving life to successful projects: the disequilibrium of just one of them should compromise the whole project;

Those models non understanding the importance of acting a clothing instead of simply wearing it: a real professional could previously understand something about the producer and the target market to which the clothing is for.

Their close-knit interaction with the photographer is the kay to fulfil emotions.


Tuxedo: Andrea Venus designer ( )
Hat: Ferruccio Vecchi Cappelli ( )
Sunglasses: Dior Sunglasses
( ) ( )
Black Balaclava: Stylist archive
Shoes : Dolce & Gabbana


What is one question we did not ask, but you`d like to be asked and to answer?

What skills, besides photography skills, does someone need to succeed in this business?

Competence: I believe that to be a good fashion photographer, besides knowing how to shoot, you need to KNOW FASHION, LIVE AND BREATHE.

Entrepreneurship: you need to be acquainted, confronted and presented, and always have judgments from so many colleagues and professionals. Listen to a lot of opinions and improve where you are lacking.

YOU WANT TO GROW: you have to want and always claim the very best from yourself … never content themselves and try to overcome your technical and conceptual vision.

Look for something new and always have your own style.


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