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    Can I join your team?

    Yes, of course. We`re always looking for interns!

    JOIN OUR TEAM qualities:

    You must have at least half of the following:

    • English fluent;
    • be professional;
    • digitally minded;
    • positive attitude;
    • have customer service skills;
    • self motivated;
    • organized;
    • responsible;
    • once joined the team, you must reply our e-mail/s within 48hrs.;
    • be respectable and care to keep a good reputation;
    • As a fashion writer, be fashion-forward;
    • be original;
    • As a photographer, be creative and original.

    What type of paper do you print on?
    All our paper is acid-free and FSC-certified, which means it’s from responsibly managed and verified recycled sources. Our publications are also recyclable, making it easy on consumers and the environment.

    Can you send me a print copy?

    Unfortunately we get too many requests to be able to offer free samples. We suggest you order one of the MagCloud (or Peecho) publications currently on the site, or create your own and order a copy.