We are the world`s first humanitarian luxury magazine. Luxury is the new Cruelty-free, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Ethical and Compassionate Lifestyle.

At Trend Prive Magazine, we believe in making a difference, by renewing the idea of fashion, and “planting” an Eco and animal-friendly seed in our readers` hearts. We are standing in today`s world through a new era of humanity, conscious lifestyle and positive leadership.

TPM covers a wide range of topics and categories.

Afternoon T/PM includes the sub-categories: Life, Love, Family, and Religion. For example, Life includes articles about relationships, work, strategy, leadership, organizational change, innovation, decision-making, marketing, finance, work-life balance, managing teams, etc.

The purpose of our Art section is to promote specific artists, while the Humanitarian section promotes certain charities, movements, humanitarian campaigns, NGOs and certain character strengths and morals, such as kindness, compassion, loyalty, and honor.

Our Beauty section promotes cruelty-free, organic and natural brands. Our Fashion section displays sustainable, ethical and slow fashion. Our Lifestyle section discusses certain eco-friendly subjects, such as Architecture, Gardening, Gadgets, Home Décor, and Travel. We are also offering info and news on Celebrities (philanthropists), Cuisine (vegan), Film & TV (useful and informative), Health & Fitness, and Music (positively influential).

We publish articles of many lengths (some in both print and digital forms, and some in digital only), graphics, podcasts, videos, slide presentations, and just about any other media that might help us share an idea effectively.

We`re happy you`re here, and thank you so much for your amazing support.

Much love,

TPM Team

CEO Letter to Contributors and TPM Family

Catalina Magee

Thank you for your willingness to take TPM to a next level and represent in a very professional manner.
Together we have a great task before us. We must renew the idea of fashion and “plant” an Eco and animal-friendly seed in our readers` hearts. We must be standing in today`s world through a new era of humanity and leadership.
TPM will advance its interests through a core pragmatism rooted in our team`s enduring values. We must rebuild our traditional collaborations and pursue new partnerships, based on mutual interests and respect, so that together we can confront key common challenges of the 21st century, including poverty, animal cruelty, bullying, climate change, etc.
We are strongest when we act alongside other humanitarian organizations, so please make this your main goal.
As my personal representatives, you will be “the front line” of our hard work. I will need your support for our efforts to provide forward-thinking, sustained professionalism and great initiative. We must look for opportunities to advance TPM`s interests and increase our capital.

Rightsizing the TPM presence is a continuing requirement. Every senior must obtain my approval before changing the size, composition or mandate of its staff.
All team members, please remember that you are representing a part of history and especially TPM`s values.  
Make a difference, one heart…(one image…one contact….one article) at the time. “

CEO Letter -May 2015

catalina magee

What is your purpose in life? Why are you here? How can you discover what that is? What is it that you love doing seven days a week? What is it that puts a smile on your face? What would make you happy now? How can you make others happy? How are you contributing to a better world? Look inside your soul. Look back in your childhood. Search deep within and around yourself.

Everyone wants to find a way to determine the answer to these questions, because that is what will help them make the proper decisions to find guidance in their lives. This is what gives people all the purpose and motivation to connect with each other, to work hard, and to know how to reach their goals. You have to know what you`re doing it all for. Why is it that you want what you actually want?  We get one life, therefore one opportunity. During your life, you have only one chance to do whatever you`re going to do to make a difference or reach a goal that would make you happy. What are you going to do with this chance? What are you going to do today?
So many of us choose our paths out of fear, guilt, pressure or commodity. What we actually want seems like an unattainable dream and we never dare to challenge ourselves to achieve it. We`re locked into a dark, insecure world, and that is how we attract the wrong people, take the wrong turns, and make the wrong decisions. Yet, all today`s flaws and qualities, begin during our childhood.
If you love the child inside of you and you accept who that person is, you will become the happiest grown-up version you can be. If you free yourself from the sadness of your past and extend your circle of love and compassion, the Universe`s beauty will give you what you are.

When you grow up, everyone pitches their version of the world in your head. They program your brain and plant an image of the world that might not be beneficial for you. None of them say that everything around you, which we call life, is actually made by people that are no smarter than you. None of these people seem to know that planting love into your mind is actually the only thing they have to do in order to offer you a bright future. When you`re a child, people ask you all kinds of questions about your future. At times it seems as though they can`t wait until you`re no longer a child.
Do you remember what your childhood answers were to those that were asking what you wanted to become or what you wanted to do when you grew up? My answers varied each time; from: “a good, happy person”, to “the Ambassador of Peace” to “a world traveler”.
I often find myself wondering if time is mostly inside of us and is just a belief of our perception;  if our souls know from a very young age what would make our lives worth living;  if we`re all here for a purpose and which would that be.  Also, when we grow up and look back at our childhood, how can we be inspired by that young and innocent version of ourselves?  Is there anything to learn and when are we wise enough to catch this lesson?
See, when you`re a child, you want to move mountains, but when you`ve matured, it`s good enough if you at least climb them. I want to say that I listened to that child, and not only watched her grow up, but also maintained her once innocent spirit. All I ever wanted since I was a child was love, and now is my chance to get it, by giving it to as many people around the world as possible. And as I learned a lot from my childhood, and know that each of you had one too, I know that you absorbed a lot from yours as well and that you also have a dream.  I know that you have talents and skills within yourself that you haven’t even discovered yet. You`re a great person, and the world is a better place with you in it, no matter what you think you are or have today.

My childhood answers are what made me create a humanitarian magazine.  I honestly believe that it`s better to have things to live for, than things to live with.  I believe that “giving back” is doing the right thing, which is living not just for me, but for something larger and much more fulfilling.  When I help, I gain a certain feeling of personal honor and that is something that I think everyone should feel. Every once in a while, you`re tested on how good of a person you are and how you can make a difference in the world. I hope that you all have a noble ambition of wanting to succeed life`s most important tests and the compassion to always “give back”.
Eventually I want Trend Privé Magazine to become a movement. One day, I want to be old, and look back at my life smiling. I want to see my family of artists connected, helping each other and fighting for a better world.

God Bless,
Catalina Magee
Founder/ Editor-in-Chief




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