“#MoreThanPink” by Bogdan Petrice

Interview with Adelina Pestritu
Photographer Bogdan Petrice
Model Adelina Pestrițu
Stylist Andreea Leța
Make-up artist Traviata Păduraru
Hair George Negrișan
Coordinator & TPM PR Razvan Ferigeanu
Contributors R Club Models & Fundația Renașterea, Studio Dejavu Models.

Razvan: Adelina Pestitu is a Romanian TV host and a fashion icon with over a million followers on social media.

Adelina, now that the month of October is finished, we noticed that you wore something pink every day. Can you please tell us about the story hidden behind the chosen color?


Adelina: Indeed, October was dedicated to the fight against breast cancer and awareness for it. Starting from this idea, I decided together with the Renasterea Foundation, to develop a campaign over the 31 days. More specifically, every day I wore an outfit containing pink color and posted on my social media channels with the #morethanpink hashtag. Of course, it is too small of a gesture for the people suffering from this terrible illness, but I am convinced that bringing awareness and encouraging women to get a mammography, is of great help.  And so, I started this with the hopes of reducing the number of sick people. It’s a great thing to realize how important it is to go to the doctor and do this ultrasound/mammography, to prevent the illness. I too was scared of what could happen so at the beginning of September I an ultrasound test, which did not involve any pain or cost much. As a result of the campaign, I was nominated “Hero More Than Pink,” which of course is an excellent title for me, but it compels me to do many other beautiful and impactful things for those who suffer or suffer from this disease.

Dress & tights @luciarosca, Tiara @katerinimou

Razvan: Will #morethanPink happen again next year?

Adelina: I would like to be able to support the #morethanpink campaign whenever it is needed. I admit, no matter how much I wish, I can not do miracles, because only God does, but I can help build one, through compassion, solidarity, love, and empathy towards all the women who need it.

Dress & Coat @loulouthebrand

Razvan: What did you bring to the Renasterea Foundation and when did you hear about it?

Adelina: #morethanpink is not the first campaign I did with the Renasterea Foundation. The first collaboration with them was two years ago when I decided to help with the donations towards creating wigs for women that have breast cancer. The Jovsky Studio Salon, with which I have been collaborating with for four years, has been involved in the Brave Cut Campaign for the Renasteration Foundation. When I heard of their association, I immediately decided to cut and donate my hair. It was the first step towards a beautiful and long-lasting collaboration with them.


Blouse & dress @loulouthebrand


Razvan: We noticed that you cut your hair very short. Was that related to the Renasterea`s Brave Cut campaign?

Adelina: Yes. I gave up my long and voluminous hair but did it from the bottom of my heart. That was because then I knew how much this hair would help to create the wigs that sick women need much more, to be able to look in the mirror with confidence again. I feel blessed to know that a part of me is with them while they`re going through a hard time of treatment. I consider them winning and living examples of strength and courage.


Dress @loulouthebrand

Razvan: Can you please tell us about this drastic change of look and decision? How would you like to inspire the world?

Adelina: This topic generated a lot of opinions, which was expected. Some people have judged the total change of look without thinking in depth of the reason that brought me to making this decision, while others have seen and empathized with the great cause. I felt that I influenced a large mass of people to do this, and that was great. Seeing that dozens of people donate daily, I knew that a movement had echoes and that I did the right thing. The spiritual delight that came from this was immense.


Dress @iamminichipaila


Razvan: Have you done other campaigns with the Renasterea Foundation?

Adelina: I am next to them whenever they need me, and they know that. I am present at all of their events and they engage me in all the campaigns in which I find my place and role. I’m open to help them with everything I can. There was another recent campaign that we did. It was the creation of handmade jewelry, which I obviously put a little bit of work in and it was on sale at the Christmas Bazaar on December 10th, at Romexpo, and the money will be donated to sick patients.

Dress @iamminichipaila

Razvan: Tell us more about this campaign. 

Adelina: The Renasterea Foundation established the Association called ASPO (Association for the Support of Oncological Patients). This Association supports women that suffer from this disease and those that have defeated. Within it, there are collective recreational activities, therapy, etc. The ladies who are part of the ASPO have decided to make these beautiful jewels and sell them, in order to donate the money. I was at the Association stand on December 10th, and I helped with their sale.


Shirt @aurelianaofficial


Razvan: Who comes up with the campaign ideas? Is it you or the Foundation?

Adelina: Some ideas are entirely the foundation`s ideas; while others are a collaboration between the foundation and my PR and Communication team. When there are a lot of enlightened minds, the results will only be excellent.  🙂


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Razvan: What other humanitarian campaigns have you done? 

Adelina: Around Easter, I met Razvan Iordache, a guy who spent 22 years in a wheelchair and needed 100k € to make a rather large medical intervention in Thailand, that was going to help him finally be able to stand and walk. We initiated a humanitarian campaign in Media (Social Media and TV), and people empathized very quickly with this case, and so we managed in six days to raise 100k €, money that helped them carry out the operation. Now he’s under treatment. The recovery period is not that easy, stretching over several good months, maybe one year. All this time, Razvan needs funds to support these treatments, which already help him move his body, especially his legs. I am next to him, and I am convinced that we will find the best solutions to help Razvan go through all the difficult times easier. The fact that after 22 years he could move his legs again seems incredible to me.

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More in our Issue #32, due to be released in April 2018. Stay tuned!

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