“Karl`s Choupette” by Marius Baragan, Adelina P. & Adrian Perjovschi

Adelina Pestritu was transformed into Karl Lagerfeld by the great hairdresser Adrian Perjovschi.

Adelina Pestritu and Adrian Perjovschi surprise us again: a new look, a new idea, a new transformation. This time as a tribute to the famous fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, Adelina Pestritu accepted the invitation to participate in the project of her good friend, Adrian Perjovchi, called “Radical Transformations by Jovsky Studio”, and embodied the well-known designer in a photo-shooting by Marius Baragan.

“It was a huge challenge for me to turn into a legend of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, that I personality always admired. I think the whole world of fashion has lost a real artist, visionary and incredible talent. This transformation comes as a tribute to him. We are convinced that it will remain in the memory of all fashion lovers, but not only. Although it’s not easy to turn from a 32-year-old woman to an 85-year-old man like him, I had a good feeling about the process, and the results speak for themselves, “says Adelina Pestritu.

“It’s always a pleasure, but a great challenge to work with Adelina. This time, the emotions were even bigger because, besides the difference in age and sex that separated her from her character; it was also the giant responsibility to “recreate” the iconic designer in the history of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld. We`ve been preparing for almost a week for this transformation. The wig has been dyed 3 times and trimmed, so that the look we created would be perfect, “explains the hairstylist Adrian Perjovschi.

“I have been collaborating with Adrian Perjovschi, Andreea Popeanu and Lucy Faur for years, so I trusted them blindly, while knowing that everything would be perfect. The outfit, the hair, the makeup, and the photo frames were as I imagined and wanted them to be. For the first time in my life, I told Andreea Popeanu, the make-up artist, to add wrinkles. The wig was just as his hair, and the outfit contained key elements that his classic outfit had as well, “says Adelina Pestritu.

I think for each of us this was a challenge, given that Adelina is a young and beautiful woman, and Karl was an 80-plus-year-old man! The transformation was thought up to the smallest details, trying to create Karl`s face traits on Adelina, so that the likeness is a real one! It was a pleasure and an honor to take part in this dedicated work in memory of the great creator Karl Lagerfeld! “, says make-up artist Andreea Popeanu.

“The Chanel brand, the fashion house that he has been working for over thirty years and whose turnover has led to billions of dollars, were the iconic elements of the outfit. Of course, the frames, the lighting, and the post-production had a remarkable weight, which brought all the success to this transformation. I thank everyone for their work. I am happy that I took part in this memorable project, “adds Adelina Pestritu.




Model / Influencer: Adelina Pestritu
Fotograf: Marius Baragan
Hair: Adrian Perjovschi
Make-up: Andreea Popeanu
Stilist: Lucy Faur
TPM PR: Razvan Ferigeanu

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