BLOW YOUR MIND by Cathie Moroz

Duality as a second world. A psychedelic-luxury editorial photographed by Cathie Moroz for Trend Privé Magazine's current Festival Fashion Issue in print. TEAM: Photographer:  Cathie Moroz Wardrobe Stylist:  Natalia Bocharova Makeup Artist:  Daria Kruchinina Models: Liliya Kalkamanova @EMG models & Tian-yi Chang @EMG Models ...
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Luxury Art Handbags by Kopf


The Hamptons. It's a lifestyle. The name KOPF means “head” in German. Some of the initial Kopf handbags were designed to look like real human heads and each bag is a designer artistic statement. The design is unique and 100 % handcrafted by the designer. This is not just a shoulder bag. There is a huge meaning behind every purse, a real story,  and your personal message to society. The quality of materials is excellent using the combination of thick vegan leather outside and soft genuine leather inside of the bag and for decoration. Luxury handbags made to highlight your personality ...
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MAYA by Olga FaceTime

Team Credits Photographer:  Olga FaceTime Hair Stylist:  Anna Kulishkina Makeup Artist:  Ilona Model:  Maya @sigma_novosibirsk Accessories Handmade by Instagram:  @almaz_dom_nsk ...
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Real Life a Human Editorial by Lil Safonova

REAL LIFE by Lil Safonova

This story was shot in India in 2017 in the North Goa state, Arambol, when I arrived there to shoot and to study the culture of the country. I have always been attracted to Indian culture, but once there, I also met incredible kind and honest people. Unfortunately, the poverty level in India is still very high. It hurt me to look at the 3-year-old children running barefoot who scratched their heads because lice got there. When I walked around the local market, small children repeatedly came up to me and simply asked me to buy them ice cream. I ...
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Step Into The Light We are immersed in a time of sun. A time of love and warmth, the summertime. Our time. As our Melanin is illuminated with the colors of the sun, We see it is time to shine our light. After years of systemic oppression and psychological violence, being conditioned to despise ourselves, We continue to fight. To heal. To Shine bright in spite of all we have endured as a community. Together, we manifest joy and happiness. We continue to radiate, We are our own Suns. As Black men are continuously demonized by the media, the image of ...
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