5 Easy Things You Can Do To Relax And Unwind From Stress

More people have had their lives changed in the last year than ever before, and the consequences of most of these changes showed themselves in the shape of stress and a myriad of mental health issues in adults and children alike. 

The longer your body is stressed, the more it’s harmed and the more likely you are to develop stress related disorders like insomnia and IBS. It can even make existing conditions worse, and make it harder for you to lead a healthy, happy life. 

This is why it’s extremely important for you to unwind and destress when you get home, even if it might take some work. Keep reading to find out how you can destress and relax in no time! 

Medications and Stress-relievers 

If you feel like your struggles with stress need more help than behavioral changes and mindfulness have to offer, consider getting some extra help. Studies have shown that small amounts of cannabis rich in CBD and low in THC can help reduce stress related symptoms, but think about this one more time before heading to an online smoke shop – the same research shows that too much of it will actually do the opposite. 

Even though this isn’t an easy or quick fix, you can even seek therapy to learn ways to deal with these stress related issues as well as dealing with the root cause of it all. Therapy can help you figure these things out and then help you make long term changes in your life that reduce the overall amount of stress you’re under.

Listen to Soothing Music 

Music has the power to change how we’re feeling and to really alter the mood in any particular situation. That’s why one scene with suspenseful music playing in the background will feel so different from the same scene playing with, say, romantic music in the background. 

When you play soothing music, it’s almost like you’re changing the  background music to your life. You can easily do this while you wash the dishes, take a shower, or even as you’re going to bed. 

Take a Walk 

If you’re still feeling up to it at the end of the day, take a calming walk to a park or a quiet street. Of course, you need to think about your safety and be careful while you do, but it should be okay if you live in a safe neighbourhood. You can even go for a drive if you have a car. 

Call a Friend 

If you feel up to it, you can call a friend and tell them all about your day. Talking to the right person and spending time with them can significantly improve your mood, and you don’t always have to leave the house or go somewhere to do that. 

If you want, you can do something as simple as getting ice cream together or even invite them home for dinner. 

This isn’t always easy, and sometimes being with other people can drain you even more than you already were. In that case, here’s our next suggestion. 

Take a Long Bath 

If being with other people seems too draining and impossible, just run yourself a warm bath, pour in some luxurious bath bombs or essential oils, and soak in the tub for as long as you need to so you can feel better. 

You can even read a book and sip on some wine in there, and you’ll end up feeling clean, relaxed, and rejuvenated when you walk out of there in a set of comfy, cozy pyjamas. 

Peter Minkoff

Peter is a lifestyle writer living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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