ZAAM is a brand of contemporary Bags, Leather Goods and Garments , yet with a touch of vintage, known for its luxe appeal, and urban aesthetic. It all started with the Geometrical Basic Women Bags collection that was launched in June 2012 by Egyptian designer, Ahmed Azzam.

Azzam is self-taught and what really drives him is the passion for creating bags of superior quality that reflect his unique take on art and life. Each piece is individually handmade in his workshop in Cairo, and they represent the outcome of a thorough process of research, styling and creation of both forms and materials.

Azzam received an award for Egypt’s Best Bag Designer of the year in 2015. ZAAM handbags are currently available in Egypt, UAE and Korea and deliver worldwide :


How does your label position itself on the international market?

We have done a lot of activations, shoots, product placement and events abroad however we still have a lot more to do to reach a place that we target. We just participated in Vienna fashion week and did some shoots and activations in Milan. We are hoping by next year 2022 we increase our presence in the international market.

How the label was born and where we can find it exactly?  

I’ve always knew that i’ll end up having my own business in fashion, ZAAM was launched in 2012 however i started since i was 13 doing small fashion related projects and 5 years later ZAAM was launched. You can find our designs in our showroom in cairo, Egypt. Dubai, UAE. SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA and you can order through our website as we have worldwide shipping service:

What do you think was/is the biggest challenge for you during the pandemic situation?

Our biggest fear during the pandemic was that people might not be interested to pay on luxury products cause everyone was focusing on essentials. We tried to produce a new product that fit our concept and yet affordable to our clients.

Thats when we introduced our valiant and grace totes, the bags are made of coated canvas designed and printed in house with the same baroque ornaments and our signature logo.

How do you want to achieve the long-lasting concept for your label? 

I believe that having a stable and clear brand identity and concept is reason behind having a successful and strong brand that could last forever. Cause its the thing that differ one brand from another.

How do you determine what is durable design?

I believe introducing a design that fits over the years is very important. We make sure that any bag we introduce is durable cause we deal with each bag as a piece of art or jewelry with the mix between the leather and brass.

How far do you go in terms of sustainability?

We try to decrease the usage of plastic in our packaging and replace it with other sustainable materials also we the totes we produce annually are 100% leather free .

Which was the best-selling garment from your collections?

Our best selling bag is our Polyroque bag (the pyramid shaped bag) the bag was first introduced in 2013 and since then the bag was worn by the region’s top celebrities, influencers and socialites and even in Vienna fashion week everyone was amazed with the mix between the baroque art and the Egyptian heritage.


What your label needs right now as a fine art brand in order to achieve the next goals?

We need the right exposure in terms of PR in marketing in the european marketing to promote the brand and give the designs the right exposure.

Which market are you interested in right now for your brand?

Currently we are focusing on the european market after building a strong base in the Gulf and middle east, hopefully we will have more presence in the european market especially Italy and France.


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