Ways to Cleanse Your Body

Your body is already equipped with the most sophisticated gear to detox and cleanse on a daily basis. Your liver, kidneys, your entire digestive tract, your skin, and a number of different metabolic processes are designed to do just that – keep your body healthy and strong. However, we also live in an overwhelmingly polluted environment, and we often consume food that has been processed one way or another. It may be pumped-full of toxins such as pesticides, or the packaged foods we eat are loaded with sugar and various chemicals to make it last longer.

In all of that, your body can struggle to cleanse on its own. Without resorting to fad diets or extreme cleansing rituals, you can actually make a few lifestyle choices that can aid your body in this natural process.

Cut those sugars from your diet

Few people are aware of the sheer amount of sugar they consume. Nowadays, a typical American will consume more than 42 teaspoons of sugar every day, which is a staggering amount of a completely nutrient-devoid substance that can wreak havoc on your health. Consuming sugar puts a lot of pressure on your body to process it properly, with your insulin levels becoming increasingly unstable.

Long-term damage can include diabetes and a wide range of other health issues. The best thing you can possibly do for yourself is to start reading those labels more carefully. Sugar is a sneaky ingredient, hiding in plain sight: in your store-bought yoghurt, milk, soda, ice-cream. Start weeding out excess sugar from your diet, and you’ll help your body cleanse in no time! 

Structure your workout 

Exercise is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. The role of regular workouts goes beyond getting the body you want, as it also helps you detox properly. Some of the benefits you get from working out, such as increasing blood flow, circulation, and metabolism are all essential for proper cleansing. 

Make sure that the diet that accompanies your workout also supports this natural cleansing. Healthy carbs before exercising can help you exert more energy and increase your endurance. When it comes to supplementation, no matter what supplements you choose, whether it’s a protein powder or glutamine, make sure they help your body restore energy and protect your hard-earned muscle. That is the only way you can continue to burn excess fat and provide your body with the nutrition it needs to cleanse.

Mind what you wear

Another element of exercise that helps you detox naturally is regular sweating. We use this simple mechanism not only to regulate our body temperature, but also to flush out numerous toxins that have accumulated over time. 

However, what you wear during training will greatly affect your ability to sweat properly. Choose sweat-wicking workout gear that is designed not just to help keep your skin dry and your pores unclogged, but also allows you to continue sweating in a healthy manner to pump those toxins out during your training.

Hydrate properly

Before, during, and after your workout, this factor in your diet remains a pivotal one when it comes to cleansing. As we are almost entirely made of water, hydration is only naturally one of the best ways we can provide our body all it needs to get rid of the unhealthy environmental effects we’ve exposed to daily. To be able to absorb those nutrients from your carefully-designed nutrition plan, and to be able to sweat out those toxins, you need to drink plenty of fresh water.

Add to that herbal teas that have healing properties, and you’re good to go. However, make sure to skip the soda, other sweetened beverages, and similarly unhealthy sips from your diet. All of this will help your kidneys do their job in flushing out toxins and put far less pressure on your liver.

Practice meditation 

We have come to understand that our body and our mind work in unison to protect our health. In essence, even if you do your absolute best to physically cleanse yourself, if you’re overwhelmed by stress, your body will feel the consequences. Hormonal imbalances, lack of sleep, anxiety and depression, as well as many other issues should be prevented with the help of your detoxing mindset.

Now, to help your body and your mind detox from stress, in addition to working out, you can try mindful meditation. After all, lower levels of cortisol alone can help your body cleanse properly. Relieving tension, reducing pain and anxiety, and a slew of other perks that come with this simple, but powerful practice should inspire you to add it to your cleansing routine. 


Before you jump at the chance to try something extreme, make sure that you have done your best in your everyday life to help your body cleanse properly. Implement these strategies with care, and you’ll give your body and your mind the tools to stay healthy and resilient for years to come.

Peter Minkoff

Peter is a lifestyle writer living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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