Paddywax Park Collection

Are you obsessed with candles and want to try out new scents for your workspace or at home? Look no further, Paddywax may be the perfect brand for you to try. Their new 11 oz. collection called Parks comes in a different variety of scents that will remind you of nature. They are each created with a story, a theme, and an idea behind them and hand made in Nashville, Tennessee. Each candle will remind you of a place that you’ve been to either recently or in your childhood. It brings back memories of when I was a child playing in the park and smellnig the fresh trees in the spring. It feels like I’m bringing the beauty of nature right into my home. These candles are a perfect addition to your self care routine and if you want your entire home to smell amazing.

Paddywax supports the National Parks Foundation to protect 84 million acres of national parks through conservation and preservation. This collection is inspired by the great outdoors that we hold dear in our national parks. The candles come with cherrywood dustcovers and 100% cotton crackling wood wicks which create a powerful fragrance and leaves your room smelling fresh, infused with essential oils.

What makes Paddywax stand out is its unique aesthetic. Their candle design was created to compliment any area in your home or workspace. Each candle ranges from different neutral colors that create a wonderful theme. Paddywax was made using natural ingredients without any toxins, which means that you can burn this candle however long you desire. A soy wax blend was used to create these candles and the scent is also strong, yet pleasing to smell. Soy wax is a better choice because it burns slower and cleaner than paraffin wax. Soy is also biodegradable which makes it easier to clean up. If you are looking for a candle that you can burn all day, Paddywax is a great option.

Cactus Flower + Fern is my personal favorite because it has a unique fragrance to it that makes you feel in tune with nature. The top layer includes bergamot, dewy pear, apple blossom, and coconut water. The middle layer includes cactus flower, gardenia, white peony, and aloe vera. The base layer includes matcha tea, Muguet, vanilla bean, and bamboo. I’m fascinated by these ingredients because you know exactly what they are and they are all-natural.

I’m a big fan of companies that choose to make healthier choices by adding in non-toxic ingredients and gives back to the community.

Zayna Sall


Zayna is an aspiring journalist and wellness advocate. She has been published in multiple magazines and respects the TPM approach to a more well rounded sense of Self. She is passionate about whole food nutrition, health, fitness and self care and is studying to be a holistic wellness coach.

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