How To Make Your Home Feel Peaceful and Relaxing

How to make your home feel peaceful and relaxing is a goal many people have, but don’t know where to start. This year we will continue to spend more time at home. It makes sense that we are looking to create a haven in our living space. You want your home to feel like a sanctuary you can come home to after a long day. These ideas can give you a head start on your own without needing to pay a professional designer.

Downsize And Get Rid Of Unnecessary Clutter

How to create a home that feels peaceful and relaxing.

Downsizing and getting rid of things you no longer need or use is a crucial first step to make your home feel peaceful and relaxing. Many people swear by the KonMari method. It involves really cutting down on clutter, disposing of things like paperwork, photographs, and… stuff. It means truly thinking about what you want to keep around and what you are fine getting rid of. This might be a little extreme for some people at first.

If you need to adapt it, do so, as long as you keep the end result in mind. You want a home that is accessible with a clean look to it. Visual clutter means mental stress.  Asking yourself if you truly need an item or if you can do without it is an important first step.

…And Keep It That Way

Learning how to make your home clutter free takes some doing. Keeping it clutter free takes learning some new habits and implementing systems that work. Pay attention to how the mess happens and work with that. Do you toss your coats on the chair closest to the door? Perhaps a coat rack is a better solution than a coat closet. Place trays and decorative boxes in high clutter areas to corral bits and bobs.

Consider donating items that are still in good condition. You you can help someone else and avoid filling up landfills at the same time. However, don’t use this as an excuse to continue to fill your space. While some of us have been looking for hobbies to fill our downtime, many people turned to online shopping when stuck at home. Not only has this made Jeff Bezos ultra rich, but it has created more stuff in our spaces because we were bored.

As a society, we need to learn to simply stop shopping and collecting clutter. The best way to accomplish this is to fill that time wasting with something mentally stimulating. There has never been a better time to learn a new skill (or five). In fact, if you join online classes and forums, you will find a sense of connection that many of us are struggling with. If you really feel the need to spend your hard earned cash, spend it on a Masterclass or Domestika or Craftsy or Lumosity subscription. Create some art for your walls while listening to podcasts! Whatever keeps your space from filling up with useless stuff.

Create a Spot For Relaxing

In order to make your home feel relaxing, you should cultivate a spot that can help you create a lounging area. This could be an ideal time while we are looking for a replacement for the gym. Whether large or small changes, you want your home to feel calm and inspiring, peaceful and relaxing.

In order to make your home feel relaxing, you should cultivate a spot that can help you do just that. Perhaps you could do something simple with a sectional in your living room to make it feel more like a cozy nook. Or maybe you’d like to finally do that big deal project and put a pool in as your relaxation and lounging area, and you find yourself searching for pool builders. This could be an ideal time while we are looking for a replacement for the gym. Whether large or small changes, you want your relaxation area to feel calm or inspiring. Identifying and cultivating that area is just one step in the process. If you have the means, now is the perfect time for a home upgrade.

Add Some Focal Points To Your Home

Once you’ve got your relaxation area identified and started, think about adding things that could improve upon how you feel in it. This might be a special art piece in the living room or perhaps plants you enjoy. Art and living plants are proven wellness boosters. Both for mental health and in the case of plants, physical health as they remove toxins in the air and improve air quality. These are simple fixes that show you how to make your home a better place can be easy.

When adding focal points, remember that less is more and quality is always more important than quantity (except with plants… more is more with plants). Having an item or two that beautifies the area and means something special to you is more important than having several things that clutter up your home. If your goal is a peaceful and relaxing home, a couple of areas to direct your attention to can help encourage that type of setting.

Consider Removing Excess Electronics 

How To Make Your Home Feel Peaceful and Relaxing - Trend Prive Magazine

It’s no secret that having too many electronics in the house can be overwhelming. With so many places to divert your attention to, it can be hard to feel at ease. Computers, phones, TVs, video game systems, and even smart home devices can make this difficult to achieve if there are too many of them in one small space. Take a closer look at what you need and what you can move or do without. Perhaps you would be better off with only one gaming system, or maybe you can move your smart home device into the kitchen, where it is of more use. These little steps can make your living room or other chosen room more enjoyable to be in.

Making your home feel peaceful and relaxing is something you can work toward in a few steps. Downsize and donate unneeded clutter, so your space has more of a minimalistic feel.  If you are concerned about needing the device later, put it away in the garage. When you have lived without it for awhile you may find that you have done just fine without it. The trick sometimes to getting rid of things is just to get it out of your immediate space. See if you actually need it, or are just holding on to it.


Use Natural, Neutral, Muted Colours

How To Create Peace At Home
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You will notice that this year the whole world is gravitating toward a more natural colour scheme in both fashion and home interiors. This isn’t an accident. We are spending more time at home now. Wanting a place that creates a feeling of warmth and calm is expected. Taking cues from nature to embrace the feeling of being connected to the outdoors while we are often feeling stuck inside helps. Your colour palette can be the key to how to make your home feel like a space you want to spend time in.

When we want to create a natural tone, we add grey to a colour so we are seeing grey greens, taupes, dusty blush pinks and muted blues along with warm whites. Of course we are also seeing grey. Grey has been the “cozy home” go to for nearly a decade and isn’t likely to go away. It marries so well with any kind of wood and is easy to glam up with some sparkle. If you are feeling like your home is in need of something to make it feel less tired, often paint is the way to go. Remember to insist on low VOC paints to keep your air quality breathable.


Create a spot that you want to be relaxing for all who come by. Think of what you need to do to make that happen or improve upon it. Use Pinterest as a tool to give you inspiration on how to make your home inspiring and peaceful. Feel free to steal ideas from others with a similar style to yours. Whether a full bore design project or simply reassessing your space, now is the perfect time to simplify our home and make it where we truly want to be. Adding some focal points to the area can help. Removing too many electronics will make it easier to enjoy. By taking these actions, you can start to enjoy unwinding and truly living in your space.

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