What Your Car Color Says About Your Personality

“What is your favorite color?” is the question that pops up in various situations – parties, waiting in lines, shopping. It is no wonder – the human eye can distinguish around millions of colors and shades. It’s no wonder we often have a tough time choosing between different colors, especially when we must select our car’s color. 

The car industry today offers us a variety of paints and their variants. And our choice is not just based on visual preference or taste, but on our personality as well. Like a piece of clothing or furniture, our vehicle’s color may give us insight into who you are or maybe. So, let’s explore some of the popular colors out there:

White is dependable

White is considered one of the most popular car colors in the world. It’s straightforward to hide dirt and grime, and it is also the easiest one to prepare and use in summer. When people look at white, they associate it with cleanliness and purity. After all, the limousines used at weddings are white. People who prefer white cars are considered scrupulous and hardworking. Others may see you as dependable and someone they can always rely on.

Be careful, though, as people may try to use your work ethics and delegate their workload to you. Do not say yes to every task immediately – think carefully before agreeing.

Black means refined

Black is another widely popular car color. It enhances the lines and curves of the vehicle. It also makes the car look bigger and shinier than it is. It is no wonder that limos used by businessmen and politicians are usually black – people associate black with power and boldness. If black is your favorite, you are dominant but not showy. You are refined and leave the impression of a classy person. You may have an aura of mystery as well.

All this may influence people to be reserved towards you, leaving you longing for a deeper connection. Let them know you are not hard to reach.

Red represents passion

There is a myth that cars painted in red look as if going faster than they really are and tend to get speed tickets more often. There is no data to back this claim up. However, red is the color that fades the fastest, and nano coating is recommended to protect it. Red evokes energy and passion. So, it is no wonder that, if you prefer this color, you seek attention and are always ready for action. You also inspire others into achieving joint goals, which often makes you a valuable team member.

With all that intensity and spirit, your driving may sometimes be aggressive, so pay attention. Do not let your temper get the best of you and stay in control.

Green stands for gentle

Green started to be popular as the car color in the 90s and is recently making a comeback. This color makes the car stand out in the crowd with various shades and variants of it. Green is also the color of nature, and love of nature is something that many people who love this color share. If you are among them, you are self-conscious and like to have it your way. Trends are not crucial to you, and you have a lot of patience and are gentle in relationships. 

Some may see your gentleness and calmness as an exploitable weakness. Keep your boundaries and be ready to defend them if necessary.

Blue brings calm

Blue is the color that we are most familiar with. We see it in the sky and the ocean, which often evokes calm and serenity. Blue is also considered the best color for reselling and is getting more and more popular. So, if you pick this color, you are optimistic and stable. Depending on the color’s tone, your traits may range from being more friendly and engaging (lighter colors) to more confident and even aggressive (dark colors).

Some may see you as showy or overwhelming, as your friendly behavior tends to hide your sensitivity. Look for a way to connect with others by sharing how you feel about the world.

Peter Minkoff

Peter is a lifestyle writer living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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