APOLDIST: New Experimental Ethical Online Shopping Experience

Ethical online shopping combines the best of both worlds—fashion and sustainability. What’s not to love?! Especially when you have some of the best eco ideas like APOLDIST right at your fingertips, literally.


APOLDIST: New Experimental Ethical Online Shopping Experience - Trend Prive Magazine


And, with the plethora of issues that can come with online shopping, it’s even more important to ensure your couch based consumption isn’t piling on additional environmental woes. Which is why ethical online shopping is a better choice for the future for all our purchases (as much as possible anyway). Especially since online sales have grown 76% in the last year.

There’s never been a better time to support ethical online retailers, many of whom are small businesses trying to reduce your fast fashion, emission heavy, plastic consumption in an increasingly disposable world.



APOLDIST is a fair trade, online curated fashion store that aims to make a change by highlighting ethics & aesthetics. And for the ones that need more, we are here to teach them how to make better choices in fashion and shopping.

For a unique & sustainable shopping experience, Apoldist offers a curated selection of ethical designers. Both emerging young talents and students, as well as established designers. Some of the labels work with sustainable fabrics and materials, but all of them are operating ethically.


APOLDIST: New Experimental Ethical Online Shopping Experience - Trend Prive Magazine


Offering its customers the possibility to buy back clothing with discounts, in exchange for their own used/vintage items means being the first sustainable shop of its kind. Apoldist that will then up-cycle these and make the new pieces available on the website for purchasing, under the brand HOOLDRA.

Please note that every item undergoes repair and cleaning procedures to make sure it feels like new and it is safe for your health, aspiring to follow the credentials of a circular fashion business model.



Each customer will receive the ordered items in a reusable bag made out of organic fabric, embroidered and handmade by local craftswomen from the city of Sibiu, Transylvania, and packaged in a compostable mailer. Packaging, delivery and custom duties are borne by Apoldist, should you have no costs added to your shopping cart.



“We, the team of Apoldist, encourage you to invest in long lasting design, dress effortlessly, make conscious choices, be material wise, wear clothes that matter, and never refuse to reuse fashion.”


We look forward to seeing the team at Apoldist do its part to push forward the momentum of this new narrative around fashion, upholding the values we are learning as consumers and looking utterly fabulous while doing so.

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