La Petit Echo de L’Art Et la Mode: Putting On The Ritz At The Roxie

La Petit Echo de L’Art Et la Mode: Putting On The Ritz At The Roxie with Luigi di Donna
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I have to say… it’s not awful living in the City of Lights as a Privé Society member. Another event attendance was requested recently during Fashion Week by esteemed fashion photographer Luigi di Donna that came full stop with all the extra. This luxe gala, La Petit Echo de L’Art Et la Mode, was organized as part of a series of events that have been held throughout 2020 and in fact, for a few years running, to honor the Artists and a love of true craftsmanship. In addition to promoting the art behind the Arts, di Donna has been utilizing both the excitement around these events as well as the funds raised, to benefit various charities and causes.

Luigi di Donna and charity support

The influential di Donna has teamed up with multiple luxury brands over past years to draw attention to various charities and causes and this year was no different. La Petit Echo de l’Art et la Mode was created in tandem with TedGala to draw attention to the global issue of thyroid dysfunction. Held in the streets of the 8th arrondissement of Paris, the Roxie was the perfect backdrop for the glam and sparkle with its diffused amber scent of prohibition. A place from between the wars in a sulphurous and subdued atmosphere, the Roxie is imbued with the image of its dark and seductive soul. As a Privé Society VIP I felt it was only right to don my most fabulous attire to attend.


Live Art at the Show

The breathtaking event was highlighted with various live shows and most excitingly, live painting presentations by celebrated artists. I got the opportunity to not only meet but observe some enormously talented artists from all over le France. DJIANGO, an artiste architecture, learned and practiced architecture for 10 years and then started giving that same dimension of structure with mosaics in his own art pieces using an extraordinary mixing of mediums. I was lucky to witness his talent in seeing his live painting of the very famous model and influencer Celine Morel, who was a treat.

The opportunity to find the most unique art at La Petit Echo de L’Art Et la Mode was not lost on me. I found artist Lorence who had a very different approach to styling and personalizing art pieces using different mediums and creating a mesmerizing piece of visual artwork.

The Zaady Collection by public character and fashion designer, ZAADY FABRICE, also participated in the show with this collection in Blue and Gold, continuing to affect everyone with elegance. SHALEVA, fashion designer for celebrities and fashionistas followed the presentations with showmanship that offered the guests their phenomenal choreography and show.

The great cause of the charity event of supporting those with Thyroid disease made the La Petit Echo de L’Art Et la Mode Gala even more beautiful as a tool for reminiscing. We were honored to attend and thank everyone involved in creating a magical event, and including Trend Privé.


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