COLÈCHI Introduces CLEAN FASHION Online Event Series

COLÈCHI Online Event Series: 18-23rd September 2020

It’s pretty common knowledge these days that Fashion has become a bad word in the concept of sustainability and planetary stabilization.

And with good reason.

It’s not just the supply chain, or the synthetics or the micro plastics, or the lack of humanitarian principles etc… it’s the whole thing. And therefore, it’s often confusing when a person is first starting out on their journey toward finding a better way to dress and looking to educate themselves. Terms like Sustainable, Ethical, Greenwashing, Fast and Slow Fashion permeate the industry and media and to be quite honest, it can take an actual expert to tackle the nomenclature. This isn’t helpful when trying to get the masses on board with a movement.

Colèchi offers platform for discussing clean fashion.

Enter Colèchi, a sort of think tank slash meetspace slash creative platform aiming to simplify at least part of the dialogue by introducing the term “clean fashion”. Founded by sisters Piarve Wetshi and Tina Wetshi to create a space for interdisciplinary learning and knowledge exchange. They have worked with Makerversity, Livity, UAL and more to bring forward the idea that through learning and discussion, the concepts of sustainable and ethical fashion is not only a possibility through the entire industry, but also preferable.

Colèchi offers platform for discussing clean fashion.

Similar to “clean eating”, its fashion counterpart suggests looking at the big HUGE picture, breaking it down to bite sized pieces and presenting it in ways that make it simpler and more fun for people to ingest.

The hope is to move towards a planet first industry.  Introducing the term with a series of online events from 18-23 September 2020, they will explore the full fashion production line, inviting independent creatives to speak about each section. From fabric sourcing to packaging to marketing the industry from top to bottom will be dissected to sort the why and the how.

Colèchi offers platform for discussing clean fashion.

“Clean fashion is a movement which seeks to understand how we can make each area of the process ethical and explores the new way of working emerging in fashion.”

Colèchi offers platform for discussing clean fashion.

The event will begin with a live Clean Fashion Installation on 18 September which will be shared online as part of LDF.

Colèchi will be asking creatives in fashion who are at the forefront of the sustainability conversation to share models and new ways of working. Confirmed speakers include fashion designer Matthew Needham; Fashion consultant Emma Slade Edmondson; Justine Porterie, head of sustainability at Depop, Olivia founder of Trashion Factory; Rosette Ale founder of Revival London as well as many more. The full schedule of events:


All events will be taking place online from 6-7pm prompt. Recorded sessions will be available to Colèchi members first (membership is free via our website).

  • ●  Mon 21 Sep // A Cleaner Process – From garment production, workers and delivery
  • ●  Tue 22 Sep // The Image of Sustainability – The changing expectations of influencers, media and marketing
  • ●  Wed 23 Sep // The After Life – A Back to Sender Concept

Colèchi offers platform for discussing clean fashion.

  • Support Creative Speakers Campaign

    As part of the Clean Fashion campaign we want to support independent creatives and our speakers, as the design and fashion industry see a loss of 51,000 jobs during the lockdown ( Creative Industry Federation). The greatest employment drop was seen amongst the self employed which represents a large percentage of our speakers. Due to COVID 19, our events have moved online, and will be free to access, however we want to support our talented speakers by offering a fee.

#PayCreativeSpeakers, allows us, as an events platform to contribute towards our speakers who make the event. It’s also a plea to creative industries, particularly in fashion, to see other means of income for freelancers, designers and other creatives in fashion who rely on multiple sources of income. All funds raised will be evenly distributed to pay for our Speakers. Individuals can make a pledge here.

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