Luigi Di Donna Presents L’écho de L’art et la Mode In Paris

Esteemed fashion photographer Luigi Di Donna is fascinated by the life of a fashion house and the image it presents. Carried by the art of the Venetian palaces which saw him grow, this true artist and influencer in the fashion world has turned to the art of philanthropy to honor guests with a luxe gala, Le petit écho de L’art et la Mode, in Paris on September 16th, 2020, during Fashion Week. 

In searching the globe for the best fabrics, his uncle instilled in him from an early age an attraction and deeply artistic sense for fashion. From the construction of these fabrics into exceptional pieces to the beauty of the models who wear them, he sees the medium of photography as a true work of art that freezes the moment, the emotion and its essential detail. From magazine covers to major campaigns he has evolved to use his skill and prestige to create a series of events throughout 2020 that capture the essence of French fashion and art.

Trained at the Louis Lumière school, he deepened his technique and made natural clarity his element of revelation. He devotes himself to new projects that link fashion with art, surpassing photography, reverently translating the beauty that surrounds him into new inspirations.


As an established Artistic Director in the success of various events and media creation, he has in the past found a love of the magic of cinema and took up the challenge of founding Red Collector in 2010. With the energy of James Bond, he made Concept Media Signature in 2019 as a way to approach bringing together car manufacturers and the biggest watchmaking houses.  He now turns his skills to this premiere event to be held September 16  in  Paris at a cabaret on the Champs Élysée, combining luxury and beauty with kindness and a new opportunity to give back. 

Seeing 2020 as a new dynamic deployed throughout France, Luigi Di Donna sees an opportunity to be engaged in reviving craftsmanship, the echo of art and fashion and the creation of new presentations.  The understanding and the passion that he invests in each of his projects inspired him to represent at this coming Fashion Week, his communication agency S and the birth of Oooh media, which he reserves at this time for cosmetics and edibles.

Support for foundations and associations has been the DNA of the L’écho de L’art et la Mode since its creation. It is then without the slightest hesitation, after several months of a global pandemic, that the media continues to show solidarity with many charities. Touched by the personality of the talents who nourish his meetings, this event will be raising awareness for a cause that is dear to him: the TED Gala founded by Bijou in support of those with thyroid disease. The Ted Gala founded by Jewel and in support of Thyroid Disease research is also supported by his friend Jeremy Coquement from Crush Magazine, the champagne house Verlet by greg, the Salvador Dali high perfume house, and many other prestigious partners.

During this long period of confinement, a colossal alarm went off on the world, enlightening the consciences and allowing nature to take back its rights. In a context of major revival, the seriously impacted art and fashion industries and artists have also recognized the fragility of the world and the need to act. The way Fashion Week will look at the environmental and human impact this year is already undoubtedly redrawing the values ​​of fashion, and bring more color to a population that has shown everyone its desire to live vibrantly.

In addition to inviting press, media, influencers and bloggers, to a spectacular gala dinner, Luigi Di Donna’s team  are preparing a luxury magazine edition which will be sold during the event to raise and donate funds benefitting thyroid disease charity. 


Luigi Di Donna Presents L’écho de L’art et la Mode In Paris

L’écho de L’art et la Mode

This project was built into an illustrative luxury collector’s issue as a way to highlight fashion, art and design in all its forms through the most beautiful regions of France. L’écho de L’art et la Mode has already brought 200 artists from different backgrounds and opens up to welcome other talents throughout its pages.


Luigi Di Donna Presents L’écho de L’art et la Mode In Paris

Artists and guests will join forces to empower resources of those suffering from issues stemming from the thyroid, a vital gland that is based on the neck. An important health concern because its imbalance in the production of hormones can cause cancer and disruption of vital organs, as well as a plethora of other, often misdiagnosed health issues. To show support for the foundation at the TED Gala “Thyroid Eye Disease”, which is carried out by Bijou of London and which is also for the British Thyroid foundation, they ask the guests to adopt a cherry and cream dress code for the evening. This fashion event, propelled by the desire to defeat the current pandemic and fueled by solidarity, will allow guests to flourish in this new burst of positivity.

This edition of L’écho de L’art et la Mode will join forces between the shows to celebrate a moment of creation and sharing. It will breathe in new life and provide a necessary post-quarantine distraction while saluting the capital city of Paris, still impacted by this painful period.

All funds raised during the event will be donated in full to each charity.

Cover image of chandelier courtesy of Sunyu Kim

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