An Interview With Farah Wasi Ghatala, Founder of Wasée Jewels

WASÉE by FARAH – Handmade jewelry to tell a story, a story of humanity, and a story about you. Discover the latest in high fashion jewelry.

Wasee Jewels was established by creative director, Farah Wasi Ghatala in 2016. Farah dreamed of making a jewelry brand which offers diversity. Thus, we strive to specialize in handcrafted artistic pieces of jewelry at an affordable price. Wasee Jewels offer a great selection of earrings, necklaces, and other fine gift items. Shopping with Wasee Jewels is more than just a purchase because we value our customers to the highest. You can trust Wasee Jewels with your individuality when purchasing 22 carat gold jewelry pieces. With that said, we are always here for you, we listen to you, and will serve you beyond what you can expect from other jewelers.

Wasee Jewels handcrafted jewelry embody the needs and desires of every individual style. With us, you never have to settle for jewelry manufactured in factories. Our pieces are hand-crafted with confidence by fine artists. Wasee Jewels will always create pieces of art to adorn yourself with.

Designer, Farah Wasi Ghatala, will always work with you to create the piece you want to wear. As a gold jewelry shop, we can help you make custom-made pieces that suit your exact needs and wants. You will always have unique items that you can never find anywhere else.

”At Wasee Jewels, we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We provide the best gifts to help you celebrate the most memorable moments in life, whether it is a birthday, engagement, wedding or special anniversary. We will always celebrate those major milestones in your life with you and your loved ones. We understand the significance of capturing every special moment. With Wasee Jewels, you can enjoy a memorable 22k gold jewelry online shopping experience.”



”At Waséeas our name implies, we believe in the power of giving. Helping underprivileged women and kids is ultimately Our Mission. Our Company dedicates time to help people in need in many third world countries. I aspire to support women and children by helping them receive resources for an education, ultimately giving them a platform to make a difference! I will be happy to see others joining in me in my cause.”

– Farah Wasi Ghatala, Founder of Wasée Jewels

An exclusive interview with Farah Wasi Ghatala, founder + CEO of Wasée Jewels x Trend Privé Magazine



When did you first realize you wanted to launch WASÉE Jewels ?

Two years ago I was depressed, I didn’t have anything in my life to focus on. I wasn’t happy with how my life was going, so I decided to start a project as fun for my creativity -this ‘project’ transformed into the ​Wasée w​e see today.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career, what would it be?

I would tell myself to become more focused and organized.

We really like the campaign of your last collection seen on your website. What is one thing you look at the models for your campaigns?

I don’t have specific rules for who or who can’t model my jewelry – I will use anyone as Wasée Jewels is a brand that pushes inclusivity. Everyone is beautiful in their own right, and I wouldn’t want to limit the number of different ethnicities or people that could model for me by adhering to some set of prerequisites.



What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

I think that social media can play both a negative and a positive role in the fashion industry. Brands have to cater to trends brought by social media faster than ever, resulting in corporations falsely utilizing free labor from other 3rd world countries instead of slowly building up their image, style, and company mission. This is not only harmful to the environment, but this is also harmful to children and women around the world. However, social media can also be positive in fashion. The industry is becoming more aware of cultural appropriation and is more celebrative of different styles, body types, and cultures.

How do you want people to feel when wearing WASÉE Jewels ?

I want people to feel empowered like they can take on the world. I want to project confidence and love through my jewelry and allow people of all shapes and colors to be proud of what they’re wearing and how they look.

Can you tell us how your brand makes a difference in the fashion industry?

The fashion industry likes to take from people of color. They like to utilize other people’s cultures and call it ‘exotic.’ As a Pakistani American who grew up in Karachi, my goal is to bring proper representation to fashion instead of the Americanized version of what our fashion looks like.



What do you think is the biggest challenge for a jewelry designer?

The biggest challenge is building consumer trust. With the internet dominated world we live in today, anything can be easily falsified. It is challenging to build up credibility in our items if we are not already a famous designer brand like Louis Vuitton.

There is one important person, in your life, who pushes and motivates you to believe in yourself?

To be completely candid, I am my own biggest motivator. I’m the only one who can inspire myself to believe in myself. I have friends and family who all encourage me, but my thoughts make the most substantial difference when it comes down to it.

How do you think a big brand should motivate their collaborators and team members?

I think motivation revolves around an extensive amount of factors. Personally, I would foster motivation by keeping our workspace honest and allow for open communication without fear of dismissal. I would want my team members and collaborators to be working in a place that encourages productivity through our creative process. I want my coworkers to feel both intrinsic and extrinsic pleasure from what they’ve accomplished.

Describe us as a designer and how your feelings influence the creativity process?

As a designer, I would like to describe myself as passionate, hardworking, and dedicated as I overcame obstacles no matter what they were. I take everything in stride and never dwell too long on the negatives. This majorly impacts my creativity as the positive light I shine on situations allows me to realize my full potential.

Would you like to involve other designers in your future projects and what do you think is the main mission of the CO-BRANDING concept?

I would love to involve other designers to bring more variation and culture into my jewelry. Co-branding allows for a different perspective to shape fashion. It brings about new ways of looking at your products and improving it with other brands’ ideas.

What is the slogan of WASÉE Jewels ?

Wasée’s s​ logan is “A story you can wear.” With each piece I create, I want to convey manifestations of who you, the clientele, is.


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