5 Reasons Why Hemp Is The Plant Of The Future

For thousands of years, we’ve been using the Sativa plant together with other plants for a wide range of purposes. Commonly known as the hemp plant, you may be surprised at how much it has already been woven into human existence and the story behind it. We’ve used these plants to create durable, but versatile fabrics for wearables and even home use; we’ve fed our farm animals with them, and used them in our own diets; and we’ve transformed them to serve as fuel. Hemp is an extremely versatile plant. Their purposes can be creative and manifold, but for years, after an impressively far reaching campaign against the crop before the turn of the last century, too many brands, manufacturers, and businesses have moved first toward lesser quality natural options, and then in the 50s towards synthetic alternatives. 

These synthetics such as nylon, polyester or chemical rich products are not just harmful to the planet and our eco-systems, but they can be less optimal for sensitive skin, causing irritation and inflammation as well. Whether when you wear clothes made of synthetic fabrics, or use chemical-rich lotions you are doing both your planet and your self a disservice. In a time where going back to our grandparents and great-grandparents ways seem to be more and more on trend, it might be time to go back to hemp. We should first understand its many perks. Here are a few reasons that make this humble plant the plant of the future, both in terms of sustainability and health.

Sustainable fashion with hemp

Fast fashion is one of those number-one pollutants that have caused so many issues across the world – from using toxic dyes, synthetic materials, all the way to creating non-sustainable garments at an inconceivable rate, that are then discarded quickly. As such, fashion needs to step up and make use of hemp as the durable, fashionable alternative that it is. In fact, hemp should become part of the norm, not the alternative.

Hemp is exceptionally durable and long-lasting, and thanks to modern technology, we have the capacity to create equally stylish garments, sans the harmful impact on the environment. 

Leveraging CBD from hemp as medicine

Medical professionals have recognized the many health benefits of CBD for decades now, but it took a long time for the legal systems of the world to do the same. Now that cannabis use is no longer taboo, but rather an encouraged practice especially for people dealing with chronic illness and in need of healthy pain management – more medicinal products hit the global market.

As a response to the changing market needs, you can even find cannabis pre rolls for safe consumption, rich with healthful CBD. Known to help with relieving anxiety, depression symptoms, managing stress and pain, and a slew of other benefits, the CBD found in hemp will find its way to become even more useful than it is today.

Turning to natural beauty once again

With entire businesses turning to hemp for help, it’s no wonder this ingredient is becoming more prevalent in the beauty industry as a go-to for reducing inflammation and other health perks. Especially today, when more countries are introducing laws to enable hemp and CBD use across the board and legalize it as a valid ingredient in numerous forms, beauty products infused with hemp or entirely based on it are more popular than ever.

Hemp as a source of food

Are you familiar with hemp within the food industry, not just for animals, but for human use, too? Well, this neat nut (because that’s what it is) is packed with nutrients, and it can be consumed raw, roasted, or even cooked. 

Add to that, the industry is expanding to include other food items such as protein powder which is vegan-friendly, as well as the existing and very beneficial hemp oil, and hemp-based cheese substitutes, once again, a superb choice for vegans. 

Swapping plastic with hemp-made items

Chances are that you’re reading this article on a device that is somehow infused with plastic, one way or another, or that you’re sipping your coffee from a plastic takeaway cup while doing so. We’ve become so accustomed to the material that we hardly ever notice it. Mother Nature, however, notices plastic. It has become one of those major ocean pollutants, found as microparticles almost everywhere, making it more dangerous for wildlife and various eco-systems. 

Did you know that hemp can be used to make bio-degradable plastic instead? It’s not just incredibly durable, much more so than traditional plastic, but it’s also harmless for the natural world. Soon, more companies will start investing in this eco-friendly alternative, to replace our existing, plastic-friendly mindset. 


As you can see, a plant-based future is one that can be powered by plants such as hemp that will bring manifold benefits. The industries that rely on hemp are growing, from fashion, beauty, all the way to food and medicine, so we can hope for a future that will utilize such eco-friendly and sustainable solutions that will only benefit our natural world, as well as our wellbeing. 

Peter Minkoff

Peter is a lifestyle writer living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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