Organizing Quarantine Weddings in the Age of COVID-19

This is supposed to be one of the most wonderful, memorable days of your life, and while brides and grooms do sign up for a certain dose of stress when planning this marvelous event, it’s not supposed to be quite as stressful as organizing quarantine weddings. At a time like we are experiencing during Covid, couples are experiencing a slew of challenges that are completely redefining the wedding planning process, and if you still haven’t canceled the event altogether, you need a plan B that will allow you to safely share your vows, enjoy the ceremony in its less glorious form, and do so in a safe and Covid friendly manner.

The pandemic has certainly brought many industries to their knees, and as so many venues have closed their doors, many catering experts postponing all of their plans for the foreseeable future, your wedding plans may be in dire need of a pandemic-friendly revamp. Here are a few ideas to help you organize your wedding during this period, while staying in line with all the rules and regulations and keeping your guests safe.

Communicate with your guests

Before you move forward with your wedding, you need to call up your guests and let them know that the situation is changing. If you need to make your wedding more intimate and only keep your closest family and relatives on the list – then so be it. You can always organize a celebration next year for everyone else to join. 

However, make sure that the number of people you invite is in line with the prescribed rules in your country and that you can safely bring them together in your venue without compromising anyone’s health and wellbeing. 

Choose an open space for your ceremony

If your chosen wedding venue already has a beautiful garden, all the more reason to bring your guests outdoors and celebrate your special day in the sun (and shade, of course), enjoying the fresh air. If not, you might want to consider looking into alternative venue options that allow more room for social distancing. Parks, meadows, wineries, and beaches are some of the most popular choices for the upcoming period, so use the opportunity to create a wedding of your dreams – outside! 

Get creative with your catering

Just like wedding venues, catering companies are suffering during these several months of growing isolation and social distancing rules. Now, if you live in a country where the situation is under control and you can safely organize a wedding where catering is necessary, then you should find an appropriate way to keep your guests happy with the selection of food you serve but still keep the number of people present at a minimum.

Make sure that your main course and appetizers are served in a safe way, to avoid the spread of the virus – a single person serving your guests is a better option to avoid everyone touching everything served. Add to that, consider ordering a cake online to have your dessert delivered to your wedding venue fresh and delicious, but also to avoid unnecessary interactions. This is perhaps the safest way to keep your wedding’s menu versatile without jeopardizing anyone’s safety.

Safety first – check if anyone has symptoms

The very first tip on this list focuses on guest communication, so now that you have narrowed down your guest list and selected the best outdoor venue, you can also make sure that you have a way to check for symptoms on the spot. 

For example, a digital thermometer is a great addition to your must-haves for the wedding. It might not be the most romantic example of a must-have, but it can help you keep an eye on the situation. Since some level of social distancing is possible, such as spreading out your tables and choosing larger tables with fewer sitting spots, checking their temperature is a good way to give everyone the peace of mind they need.

Postpone, don’t cancel 

So many local businesses are shutting down due to the health crisis, and many will sadly never get the chance to re-open due to their incurred poor financial situation. However, keep in mind that your wedding is in fact a brilliant way to support local businesses and provide them with some sort of financial support during these tough times. Of course, it should all be done in a safe and controlled manner, but that can be achieved with the right precautions. 

The simplest way to stay safe is to not cancel, but postpone your wedding to a more suitable date based on the experts’ recommendations. That way, the venue, the catering company, and your band can all keep their deposits while you get to organize your special day at a later date. This is the perfect time to shop locally and bring your business to smaller vendors rather than what is often the default (we’re looking at YOU Amazon!). If you now have a lot more time to plan, you can look more closely at each detail and see if you can find an artisan that can cater to your needs for favors, food, wine, place settings, decor, etc. If you can buy it online, you can also find it someplace being made by somebody who will love to work with you on making each detail of your wedding special and unique. 


Some will decide to keep their wedding day minimalist and invite only their families for the ceremony, sans the celebration afterward. Others, however, will decide to postpone until the situation is safer to celebrate and stay true to your original wedding ideas. However, whatever you choose to do, make sure to keep these tips in mind for your upcoming wedding and if you do need to turn your big day into a quarantine wedding, make the most of the situation to create a truly wonderful and authentic experience for your special day! 

Peter Minkoff

Peter is a lifestyle writer living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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