How Custom Labeling Can Improve Your Brand Image

Many small businesses take it easy when it comes to packaging. After all, there’s a common misconception that keeping it simple will dramatically save costs. Pair this with the idea that packaging doesn’t matter to consumers, and you’ve got a recipe for monotony.

Custom labeling and packaging are the finishing touches on a great product, tying everything to the brand. Here are some compelling reasons why custom labeling can improve your brand image.

Adds Consistency

Incorporating custom labels is an opportunity to add consistency to your brand. Whether you’re adding a funny quip on a clothing label or subtly using your brand’s colors and tone, it won’t go unnoticed. 

For example, if you’re a brand that produces eco-friendly products and supports sustainability measures, having custom labels made from recycled materials ties that together. If you have a variety of products in the same line, a custom label can convey to customers that they’re somehow connected. The vintage-inspired Bones Coffee labels are a perfect example of this in action. Craft breweries also use this method to create consistency between different brews under the same umbrella.  

Informs and Educates

Labels are a fantastic way to inform and educate consumers in the purchasing decision stage, as well as customers who have purchased your product. 

Your labels could provide important information about storing and consuming your product to have the best user experience. You can get custom clothing labels from Deepking to ensure that your customers don’t shrink their new attire after wearing it once (then leave a bad review).

Custom labeling doesn’t have to be all about using the product, either. You can tell your brand’s origins and story or make a connection to your company’s mission to connect to your brand even better.

Increase Visibility and Recognition

Consumers are exposed to millions of products every day. How will yours stand out? The packaging and labeling you choose can dramatically increase how your product stands out on a store shelf, and you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in doing it.

Take Boxed Water, for example. Boxed Water uses minimalism to stand apart from the noise on store shelves and in the media. Rather the simple white box with bold black text fading into the background, it has the opposite effect. What’s more, when you see it, you know exactly what it is.

Brand recognition is important for building loyalty. Consider brands like Pepsi or McDonald’s, with famous logos that you recognize even without words or context. Custom labeling ties into awareness building and recognition over time.

Creates User-Generated Content Opportunities

How do some leading companies keep their marketing costs so low? User-Generated Content (UGC) is the new word-of-mouth marketing. It’s when brands share social media content from customers, rather than investing the time and money in creating something from scratch. This content acts as a form of social proof that encourages prospects and hesitant shoppers to hit the “buy now” button. Custom labels can also build hype around a brand, and encourage people to purchase. 19 Crimes Wine is a prime example of custom labeling building hype around a product. Their “Living Wine Labels” use augmented reality to bring their wines to life. Each label pictures an infamous historical convict. When you hold your phone over the label, the image comes to life and tells you a story.

The Power of Innovation

Being innovative and creative with your labeling is almost as important as creating a great product. Think outside the box and create custom labels that captivate and inform.


Peter Minkoff

Peter is a lifestyle writer living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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