Five Sustainable Ways To Update Your Closet

When was the last time you wore something that made you feel amazing? Ideally it was yesterday. However, we all find days where we think our wardrobe could use a bit of a boost. These days we all are more aware of what our ecological footprint is, and that buying new “stuff” isn’t usually the answer to our problems. But how do we spice things up and update our closet sustainably? Giving your closet a refresh doesn’t have to mean a spending spree. Even if you need a new outfit for a special occasion. It is important to remember that you have many options, and that these days you get style cred for thinking outside the box!

5 Sustainable Ways To Update Your Closet

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

When you look inside your closet, do you see a lot of items hanging in the same spot you left them last year? If yes, it’s time to thin out your wardrobe. If the items are in good shape, consign them or donate (or host a Clothing Swap!) Next, focus on simplifying your wardrobe down to key pieces that mix and match effortlessly. These should be items that suit your lifestyle and fit you perfectly, too. A Capsule Wardrobe might seem counterintuitive to boosting your wardrobe, but actually it means getting the most use out of your best pieces. It means only wearing things you LOVE. Which means you also wear confidence, and nothing is more stylish than confidence. It is THE go to for style gurus. Why does Anna Wintour have “a look”? It’s because she understands her style perfectly and wearing a simple mid-length dress in a fabulous print is her uniform.

A Capsule wardrobe is the perfect fix for busy people. With every piece working together one puts much less effort into considering what to wear on the daily. The key to individuality is going back to accessories. Understanding the ins and outs of a capsule wardrobe will help you here. Do your homework before you jump in and buy anything new so you stay on track. A fun way to figure out your style (it’s amazing how many people don’t actually know  their style type) is to keep a Pinterest board for awhile and pin whatever you love. Pin to the board for a few months without looking at it. When you are ready to buy something, look at the board for reference and you will see some key elements repeated. You’ll likely find that a capsule wardrobe is an interesting concept and quite adaptable to pretty much any style.

Borrow… Professionally

Rent the Runway is a GREAT way to borrow designer pieces that you don’t want to buy in an affordable, quick way. It’s an online service that lends you looks! You can either do a one time rental or rent with a membership where you can customize which designer styles you like. Each membership starts with 4 items at a time unless you wish to rent more pieces, you can just add it on! You can wear and style these pieces for as long as you would like, and then whenever you’re ready you send back your items in the sustainable bag that is given to you. Once you send the pieces back, you simply just repeat!
Another really good, affordable clothing rental company is By Rotation that is based in the UK, which lets you rent pieces even for a day! The costs to expect are 5% of the actual retail price of the pieces from brands like Chanel, Dior, Vetements, and more! This company is entirely sustainable and is controlled by the community as you go and borrow pieces from lender to lender.

Shop Pre-Loved

Before you shake your head and skim over this paragraph, stop! Secondhand shopping has come a very long way in ditching the ridiculous stigma around it. No seriously… why is VINTAGE cool but THRIFTED not? One means you let somebody else find it for you, the other means you were smart enough to source it yourself. Sophia Amoruso made a bajillion dollars being smart enough to do this. There are now a metric (well, digital) tonne of online platforms specializing in this. Look at DePop, Refashioner or The Real Real to start with. Even slogging through Etsy or Ebay can be fun if you know what to look for. Honestly though, there is nothing like finding a well hidden gem in a brick and mortar thrift shop. Don’t forget to return the favor as well. Routinely go through your closet and choose items that aren’t getting worn, but are still in decent shape. Consign for cash or credit, or better yet, donate to a great cause, and continue the cycle.
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Supercharge Your Accessories 

Accessories are an easy and effective way to expand your wardrobe and if you do it right, is the key to pulling any look together. That doesn’t mean you need to buy a ton of different accessories! Just the right ones. Reformation is an example of a great sustainable and affordable brand that sells all the must haves! Often we only think of ‘properly’ accessorizing a luxe look, but the pros know that you should never leave the house without a well accessorized outfit.

Street fashion goes haute with the right bits. Give yourself the green light to go ahead and splurge on that Apple Watch you’ve been coveting and get creative. Did you know that you have options when it comes to changing the watch band? This is an awesome way to get even more use out of what you have.


Host a Clothing Swap

Grab your friends, grab a bag of clothes you’re willing to part with, and set up a girl’s night to swap clothes. Everyone will walk out with new things, and nobody will have spent a dime. Setting this up every few months is a great way to keep your wardrobe exciting, and it’s a really fun way to bond with your BFFs, too. Want to upgrade? Make theme nights and hire a makeup and hair pro to come and make you fancy while you play dress up in your friends closets. If IG is your thing it’s the perfect excuse to take photos of a fun girl’s night. If you just can’t find the time to host a swap, invite a style savvy friend or three over for a glass of wine and to go through your closet. They will see your things with new eyes and probably put your pieces into new configurations. It’s a great way to shop your closet!

It’s important to remember that you have options to build a wardrobe that will make you look and feel fabulous. By purchasing pre-loved items, adding versatility with accessories and finding ways to shop your closet with new eyes, you can really stretch your wardrobe and maximize your outfit output at the same time.  
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