An Interview With aŠady About Timeless Shapes With Roots In Ancient Mesopotamia

Fueled by fortitude, femininity, and fierceness, aŠady is a brand for the everyday woman ready to grab life by its horns and look good doing it.

”Our designs are powered by bold cuts coupled with intricate embroidery, adding a delicate touch to our pieces: your invincible shield of confidence. At aŠady, we believe you can be both strong and feminine, any day and anywhere. There is no need for compromise.”

Designer and namesake of the brand, Dana Asady, continues to draw inspiration from past and present. Her work is influenced by timeless shapes with roots in ancient Mesopotamia, where goddesses ruled both love and war simultaneously, married with a modern twist fit for the 21st century woman.

”Our goal is to elevate your style, one daring piece at a time. Our muse is you.” 


An Interview with aŠady about timeless shapes with roots in ancient Mesopotamia

When did you decide to become a fashion designer?

I would say at a very young age, maybe 10 or 11 years old. I used to find myself bedaziling my makeshift waist belt, dying my shoes a striking color to look different while gluing a bunch of striking buttons to make my own chandelier earrings. It was just a matter of time until I learned the concept of designing, cutting pattern and sewing from my mom and my aunt. That knowledge freed my creative desire and appetite to make more.



Do you have interests regarding more collaborations with other brands from the fashion industry?

I think cross pollinating always brings the best of two worlds , that being said , collaborating with sports and street wear such as Nike and OFF WHITE will be a dream of mine.

Do you have interests regarding collaborations with celebrities from the music or cinema industry?

I still remember the day I received an email from Lady Gaga’s creative team for some of my designs. I for sure broke into sweats! It couldn’t come in a more perfect time as i was in a place of self doubt in terms of my creative ability. Even though my designs didn’t end up being picked for that occasion yet it brought me a great sense of value. Clothes are meant to be worn, they are made to excite you, I will be more than thrilled and honored to work with celebrities from the music or cinema industry who are willing to take a chance on a young brand like aSady.

How would you describe your work process regarding your last collection? 

I tend to create pieces based on emotions of happiness and pride that I experienced throughout life. The goddesses of the east collection are no different, it was based on the crown of queen Puabi of Ur , I tried to incorporate the Mesopotamian lotus flower in the embroidered and the accessories design of the collection while maintaining a sense of modernism .



There is a celebrity in your mind that you would like to collaborate with in the near future? Who?

I see Zendaya and Tracee Ellis Ross wearing my designs everytime I close my eyes and do ”imagine the celebrity game” both of these beautiful ladies exude a subtle aura of confidence and femininity that I aspire to pass along through my designs to modern women.

What do you think are the best-selling pieces from your last collection?

I would say Tali crown was and still our best seller as it seems to have struck a chord with every girl’s inner goddess.

Tell me about a recent challenge you faced while working on a project. How did you overcome it?

With the world coming to a hult during the pandemic strange times, our brand just like so many others had to make tough choices about withdrawing from future shows, halt production and regroup about how to operate on bare minimum while strategizing on how and when to be ready once the world heals again. I see the future of the fashion industry different in a good way.

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