An interview with Simone God, founder of SISI GOD

Simone God is the founder and CEO of various luxury fashion companies, including SISI GOD label, and at just 26 years old, she already showed her incredible entrepreneurial skills by excitedly taking on new challenges as they are presented to her.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, she grew up in Toronto. Later, she decided to launch her career in Montreal, Canada’s creative capital, but travels extensively in order to maintain a fresh outlook on life. She brings this worldly inspiration with her in all her ventures and designs. Simone loves a life driven by passion, which has led her to following her dreams, wherever they may take her.



Describe us you as a designer and how your feelings influence the creativity process?

As a designer I already have in my head what’s to come in my new collection it’s a gift from god to have the visuals right in my head. I can’t explain it sometimes I can be influenced by what I see when I travel but I always know what’s in trend at the right time what’s going to work it’s just a feeling I get I can’t explain. And then I work with my creativity to draw it out in my book and keep it for when I need the design.



Would you like to involve other accessories designers in your future projects?

Definitely I want to add accessories I get asked all the time I see myself creating a powerhouse of my brand as a plan in the future.

What do you think is the main mission of the CO-BRANDING concept ?

The main mission is to collaborate to connect with a wider audience.

How fashion PR agencies can help more the brands and what skills a good fashion PR should have in your opinion?

Great question! Fashion PR is great when you’re with the right agency that sees your potential, I’ve kind of when through a lot of agencies back then and spent so much money in the beginning of my career. Because I know the benefits to fashion PR. I would say the skills would be having the contacts to help the brand grow.  Also, the ability to see the potential of your client and where that talent can exceed is super important.


What designers inspire you and why?

I’m inspired by Riccardo Tisci as a Creative Director at Burberry, Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior and Olivier Rousteing at Balmain. All these brands are classics and definitely the creative directors continue to reinvent themselves all by continuing to bring us the relevant fashion.

There is anyone special who would like to meet in person?

Yes, I would say Victoria Beckham I have a lot of respect for her and the way she’s built her fashion empire brand I also, love her clothing.

What do you think about the opportunity of selling your collections online nowadays?

I do think it’s great because a lot of different countries get to buy your clothing and you can target so many other countries on the internet that wouldn’t be able to come to your store so you are in touch with a much broader audience.



How does your brand position itself on the international market?

My brand position itself well I would say. I do think I’m more focused in Canada just because I’m from there and America in NYC primarily but I am planning to go more international next year.

How the brand was born and how many people are involved in the team now?

The brand was born with just me myself and I and now it’s grown to a big team and I’m so proud and humble.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for a young brand right now?

I would say the biggest challenge is the saturation of the clothing market and the fast fashion everywhere.



How do you want to achieve the long-lasting concept for your brand?

How I will achieve long lasting concept is staying true to my brand and not giving up and continuing to please my clients and customers because they are the ones who keep me going and I love my work without satisfying them then there’s no customer service and so keep my clientele happy will be a big challenge but I know I can keep them happy 🙂 

How do you determine what is durable design?

The way I determine durable is with classics you can never go wrong with classics and they stay durable.



What happens to that part of a production that does not get sold? How far do you go in terms of sustainability?

I have some showroom deals and have them placed in boutiques and they get sold at a discounted price so that way we keep the environment friendly. 

Where could you serve as a role model for others?

I can serve as a young girl who use to get bullied at a young age and loved fashion I use to get teased a lot because I had a different personality now people want to be friends with me because I’m popular and I want to serve as a role model to young girls that anything you put your mind to it can happen if you work hard and continue to dream and that the friends laughing at you in school will be begging to be your friend later and that success is the best revenge. 

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