VALENTIN YUDASHKIN|Paris Fashion Week FW Women 2020/2121

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Valentin Yudashkin is Russia’s most famous fashion designer and the only Russian designer to be honored with membership in the Syndicate of High Fashion in Paris.

Yudashkin loves change and experimentation. He thinks the most interesting moment of creating a collection is the very beginning. So as soon as he finishes one he starts work on the next. He usually works non-stop day and night while under inspiration, and has very little time for his family. Nevertheless, he always makes a new dress for his daughter for the New Year. As for himself, his dream is to be able to wear his own “special costume” someday. He takes one with him every time he has a collection show to make an appearance on the runway at the finale. However, he hasn’t once worn one – he always so busy backstage that he has to jump out at the last minute with whatever he happens to be wearing at the moment.

Yudashkin showed his Fall/Winter Woman 2020/2021 collection during Paris Fashion Week in February at HOTEL D EVREUX. PARIS.
Brand: VALENTIN YUDASHKIN @valentinyudashkin_official
Photographer: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad @catwalkshows
Press Team: L’ATELIER RP  @latelier_rp

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