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The theme of every season by APUJAN is inspired by literature, and associated with literary allusions, chaotic timelines and imaginations with the parallel worlds. APUJAN creates fantasy worlds mixed with different times. For AW20, APUJAN has created an imaginary world behind the imaginary world and offers the audiences a glimpse of the storybook.


The AW20 collection called ‘The Cloud-making Factory’ features motifs such as factories, gears, chimneys, robots, computer graphics and discovering the places that made the clouds, stardust and moons. In the imaginary world, at the source of all wonderful things, a large number of machines are in operation producing clouds and the starry sky.


The patterns of this season include digital clouds produced by computer software, which hint that everything we see was drawn behind the theme. APUJAN continues his collaboration with NIKE, who have provided footwear for the show, with styles that connect with and echo the design of the clothes. The designs continue to embed traditional oriental details onto modern clothing.


APUJAN welcomed Taiwanese R&B singer, Julia Wu as this season’s special guest. Wu unescorted the show with sounds inspired and highlighted the oriental elements of the collection.



Words by Daisy Sells

Images from Apu Jan and BlackPR

Daisy Sells

Contributing editor

I am somewhat of a researcher, I like to explore and investigate enthusiastically and irritatingly. Occasionally, my curiosities unearth some true gems, the discoveries that make for tall tales and explorations.

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