Young N Sang London Fashion Week AW20

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 Taking inspiration from the traditional street vendors of Korea, Young N Sang implement these miscellaneous fancies, colours and prints into their AW20 collection entitled “STREET VENDORS”. Designers Youngshin and Sanglim, used their flair for streetwear paired with their imaginatioto create a collection that strays away from the normalities of fashion, and instead allows for a deeper form of expression and individuality.  

 The brand is built on sustainabilityand  can be seen through many of the handwoven garments showcased within their line. Jackets composed of upcycled, secondhand garments were paired with contrasting colourful shirts and neutral toned chinos – a mix you wouldn’t expect to see within an ordinary men’s clothing line. 

 Traditional men’s styling was thrown out of the window instead, replaced with a truly unique  integration of the idiosyncratic fashion seen on Korean street vendors. Vintage oriental prints were used within the hand-weaving processes to create bright and expressive vibes. The array of psychedelic-looking prints showcased throughout the show were almost always accompanied by obscure accessories that possessed conflicting colours to them. With their experimental approach to men’s fashioand use of fabrics, colours and prints, alongside their dedication towards sustainability, it’s clear that the dynamic duo rightfully earnt their place within Fashion Scouts “Oneto Watch” 


Words by Kajal Patel 


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