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Anvita Sharma, the designer and founder of Two Point Two, aims to escape societal conventions by creating an “agender” identity, a brand that allows people to express and celebrate their individuality through their clothing. After winning the third edition of the global project “Scouting for India” Sharma won the opportunity to showcase her most recent collection, “The Self”, on one of the world’s most critical of stages, London Fashion Week.

Inspired by the past and all things related to rebellion, the collection undoubtedly defies several traditional norms. By molding the details of stereotypical feminine and masculine clothing together, Anvita sets off beyond these boundaries set out by society and blurs the line between the two binary genders. All garments displayed in the AW20 show can be worn by those of differing genders, shapes, and sizes, as Two Point Two diverges from categorization to annihilate stereotypes and conformity to certain gender roles.

Color palettes within the collection included mainly neutral tones that were then cut with bold reds and blues. One outfit even featured a red, burgundy and sand-colored mask that concealed the model’s identity, ultimately drawing further attention to the clothing itself, in an attempt to prevent the audience and public from making unconscious assumptions about the apparel’s gender specificity.

As Two Point Two have a paramount belief in economic sustainability, they assure that Indian handloom silks and cotton are used throughout their line, a move that also promotes the artistic endeavors of women weavers in India. These traditional fabrics, paired with the modern silhouettes and stance on current affairs, represent Two Point Two down to-a-t.


Words by Kajal Patel



Copyright: Gio Staiano – Nowfashion
Photo by Gio Staiano


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