Slovak Fashion Council London Fashion Week AW 20

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Building on contemporary fashion design, the Slovak Fashion Council (SFC) team, Nora, Erika and Barbora created their AW20 collection for their brand “I’m Not a Robot” so that each garment was made to serve its own purpose and hold its own unique approach. The idea was to challenge everyone interacting with the collection to understand that you are unable to imitate any one piece of clothing – no item of clothing will be the exact same as another, just as no individual will ever be an exact replica of another. The brand celebrates the behind-the-scenes factor of fashion and highlights the importance of both individual and sustainable fashion.

All items within this collection take inspiration from individuals in the lives of its creators, their humanity and their diversity. Most garments have a flared and spacious fit and are accompanied by distinctive cuts, whilst others are cut in a tailored fashion.

Collection “Lv-426” is the AW20 collection by Freier, inspired by the character Ellen Ripley from Aliens (1986, James Cameron). We see the collection experiment in its visual detailing and cuts as the style stems from street wear. The inspiration behind the collection draws from a developmental perspective on the evolution of the character throughout the movie.

Both collections share a neutral colour palette, ranging from sandy tones to light blues, browns and white. There is however, in some, purple and navy tones too. These colours compliment the two brands well, as it helps promote a raw atmosphere.



Words by Kajal Patel


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