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“Peek A Zoo” – the AW20 collection by Simon MO, is inspired by the human connection to animals in the sense of child-like innocence. The fascinating collection originally stemmed from Simon’s unconscious imagination and ultimately led to his curiosity towards the role that animals have historically played.

Throughout the show, we saw the collection display animal prints and shapes heavily inspired by the costumes of vintage circus trainers and wild animals. We saw brightly coloured trench-coats paired with combat boots to represent these showmen. From giraffe print burnout, to chinchilla inspired knitwear (all made using faux animal skins), to silhouettes that have a nod towards veterinarian uniforms – all of these are made real by the vibrant colour palette used. The mixes of blue, purple, fuchsia and red running through the collection illustrates a playful child-like tone, and further enhances the purity that is being projected through the line.

MO’s show included a jester-like outfit, where a blue and purple alternating diamond print dress was used to showcase the comical effect of a circus but was cut with bright red accents within the animal collars used as accessories. Despite the undeniable playful tone of the collection, an underlying seriousness was featured through some of the garments. Fleshy tones of peach, pink and red could be seen on numerous items in the collection, paired with a vertical stripe pattern to give off a tribal vibe.

The designer cleverly uses the freedom of expression, alongside the power of fashion, to bring environmental issues such as animal hunting and climate change to the forefront.

Words by Kajal Patel



Daisy Sells

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