Taoray Wang NYFW: Statement Bows, Frills & Attitude

Taoray Wang Shows The Powersuit How It’s Done

In the 80s I was, on occasion, allowed to visit my mother at her workplace… prestigious law offices. It, being the 80’s, was a time of statement bows and power suits and I thought my mother was the most elegant woman in the room. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, a statement bow on a woman’s pantsuit. Some see it as a ‘reminder’ of femininity within the overall look. I think it’s more a… well… a statement. It says, “Yes, I’m powerful IN my femininity, not in spite of it.” It IS the feminine that is dynamic. The entire Taoray Wang NYFW Autumn / Winter 2020 collection reads like this. Pleated collars and delicate cuffs speak volumes about who wears the Taoray Wang look. She’s a woman who likes frills, but not a wallflower. 

There were a few comments out and about the internets about pairing the flowing trousers and asymmetrical skirts with patent leather heeled boots, as though the looks were too “shy violet” to warrant such a strong accessory. While we actually think the boots would have shown better as fitted versions, we fully support the gesture. Metal heels are not worn by shy violets. It’s less a statement of what goes with the garments and more a declaration of the designer’s appreciation of who will be wearing the pieces. 

The airiness and movement of the fabric, the sea glass spectrum remind the audience of the beauty of the ocean; the entire collection had a calm, liquid feel to it.  Both introspective and fluid, but also strong and powerful. It seems to be a collection of intelligence somehow.

 It all would be lovely on its own, however pops of fuschia and teal allow the entire set to level up. We love a neutral palette paired with a hit of wow, and this was done with perfection in the Taoray Wang collection.



Andrea Bell

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