Can Technology Help Lead the Way in Luxe Jewelery Trends?

Sourcing exceptional jewelery pieces that are also sustainable (as well as beautiful) is becoming much easier these days. 

Our desire to live lives that are as eco-friendly as possible means that more people than ever are buying into the idea of either looking for antique pieces that can become heirlooms or sourcing new jewelery that has been manufactured using safe and sustainable methods. 

Over the last few years, innovations in technology mean it is easier to do the latter and it’s now becoming more cost-effective for business owners to join this growing trend. 

Here are three ways in which technology is helping high-end jewelery stores and retailers find ways to become more sustainable, yet still retain their desirability and marketability too. 

Stones Created in Labs Offer a Sustainable Alternative

Have you heard of lab-created stones? People who regularly invest in gemstone jewelery will know that from time to time, there can be problems with sourcing certain gems of the right quality. 

To overcome this, companies such as Diamonds Forever San Diego are now offering stones such as Moissanite, a high-end gem that’s lab-created and offers a great deal of luxury sparkle. The techniques and technologies behind such a phenomenon are improving all the time and the market has grown by fifteen percent in the last few years. There is now no discernible difference between a lab-created gem and any other kind. 

To create such a stone in a lab, scientists will use techniques like flame fusion, crystal pulling, and hydrothermal growth to make sure they produce the highest quality luxury gemstones possible. 

Eco-Conscious Recycling Technology Helps Jewelery Manufacturers

The impact on the environment is another huge concern for jewelery manufacturers and retailers. This is leading many consumers to demand ecologically sound pieces in their price ranges. The latest technology developed in the recycling industry now allows jewelery manufacturers to create pieces from recycled gemstones, and precious metals like silver and gold. This means entirely new pieces of jewelery can often be made in ecologically sound ways and from materials that already exist and just need repurposing. Thrifty, luxury jewelery just got a whole lot easier! 

Smart Jewelery: The Next Big Trend

Smart jewelery is becoming ever more popular, and not only that, it’s really making a difference in people’s lives too. There are companies out there that develop rings and pendants which are not only beautiful to wear but can help with monitoring day-to-day life, such as activity levels, stress and even sleep patterns. 

If someone needs to make some changes in their life to feel better, smart jewelery can provide important reminders and actionable tips that they can use. 

Current trends combining jewelery and technology means that consumers are now getting savvier about the choices they make. Not only that, but they want the pieces they buy to be as ethical and environmentally-conscious as possible. Over the coming years, these two sectors will be a real force to be reckoned with. 

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