Anna Sui NYFW Autumn / Winter: Executive Punk

Anna Sui AW2020 NYFW
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Old school meets Japanese, goth vampire meets high-end socialite, that’s what’s going down in the Anna Sui Autumn / Winter 2020 collection just shown at NYFW. The punk-esque business professional style mashup portrayed on the runway will surely make heads turn for all the right reasons. The colours are bold and fit the silhouettes perfectly, the combination of the floral patterns with leather accents creates an ultra powerful look.

Anyone familiar with the Anna Sui label can agree that she has always been ahead of her time and the signature style choices that she has shown for years have recently seen another strong revival. It is very difficult to find a truly original voice in the fashion world, however those that do create a strong and lucrative career. There is a reason Sui has been at the top of her game for decades.

In this collection Anna Sui has covered a spectrum in the garments; dresses pencil skirts, frills, flowers, lace shirts, faux fur jackets… you name it. She isn’t scared of color and she knows how to use it, and use it well. Monochromatic outfits in vibrant jewel tones that don’t overwhelm, pattern mixing like a boss. 

It’s really hard to make clothing that doesn’t really fit a particular age group and can be worn by everyone… she makes it look easy. It’s quite feasible to look at the pieces and imagine an up and coming young actress wearing a complete look for the red carpet, but you can also imagine a powerful middle aged woman wearing it to her executive office… and it kicks ass both ways. Oh and there are a lot of ULTRA party dresses in there with sparkles and bows and everything that would make you the centerpiece at any event whether you like it or not. Yeah you could dress down the pieces but why would you? … No seriously, why would you? They’re so cool! Sui has created a collection of all around wicked dresses that anyone should wear to anything, anywhere.    




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