Namilia x Pornhub: Empowering Women Through Festival Fashion

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Four Feminists walk into a bar. Oh, no, wait… that’s not how that goes.

For one thing, it’s not actually a joke.
Oh, and it wasn’t four feminists… it’s a whole lot of powerful women…
Let’s try… a group of extremely business savvy design enthusiasts RAISE the bar.


The Herotica show, produced by show production legend Kelly Cutrone and cast by also fashion legend Betsey Johnson, designed by Namilia duo Emilia Pfohl and Nan Li and starring a roster women of relative renown in their own right, was a collaborative effort with Pornhub intended to raise a dialogue around women’s empowerment in sex work and around their role in sex generally. A role which traditionally they have had very little say in. 

With a reconfigured view of how women view sexual conduct as well as how they are viewed, the Namilia NYFW 2020 collection makes more than simply a bold statement. Although it makes a few of those as well. Much of the clothing design itself is meant to turn the stereotypes of demure Asian women on their head… literally. Culturally inspired Asian cut dresses are re-imagined in black leather with dragon imagery wrapped around in glass. Much of the traditional emblems and symbols are used, but in a rather S&M styled way, with bondage elements throughout. Throw in a few Transformer vibed pieces and spice the whole thing up with innuendos embroidered onto sleeves and such, and you have Herotica. 

While we feel that the pieces definitely say “festival circuit” more than they do “a day at the office,” we suppose it just depends on which office you are referring to. And we are extremely excited about Namilia using fashion to find this particular voice. Time to get it done.


Photography by Tony von Thelen ( @teevonteephoto )
exclusively for Trend Privé Magazine

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