Tadashi Shoji Shows NYFW Cultural Crossovers From All Sides

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The classically glamorous clothing of designer Tadashi Shoji looks like it could have come off of royalty. In the case of NYFW 2020, it would be the royalty of the Mongolian Empire, perhaps on a trip to the Americas?  The dresses are all beautiful in craftsmanship with pronounced colors and fabrics that you would see on the red carpet or any other major event.

The gowns of Tadashi Shoji’s 2020 collection don’t seem to lend themselves to one specific look, taking inspiration in Japanese, Chinese, Indian and English clothing with color palettes that can stay current and on-trend for years. These dresses have it all – the ruffles, the fitted figures, pretty much anything you could ask for in elevated glamour is on at least one of these gowns. At times one could see the memories of bygone soap opera ingenues swooning dramatically in a ruffled shoulder.

The opulent fur coats, which are gorgeous and complement the dresses amazingly in over the top scale and luxe textures are all high end faux which we always love to see because the fur industry is extremely inhuman and unethical and completely unnecessary for fashion. Inspired by the clothing of the high elevation Mongolian Empire Tadashi Shoji has found a way to marry the layers of prominence.

You can definitely see the inspiration Tadashi Shoji finds in heavy fabrics and what comes across almost as embroidered tapestries,  though it has a modern twist using fabrics such as satins to reflect light and add a feminine grace with a balance that brings it all together brilliantly. It shows emotion and culture while being modern and wearable to anyone who wants to dress like a queen when they go to a party or dinner. The two pantsuits are beautifully professional and can be worn to your job at the art gallery or any executive scenario with ease.

Photography courtesy of Tony von Thelen ( @teevonteephoto )
for Trend Privé Magazine

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