Fashion Hong Kong: Crossing Cultural Boundaries

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Tossing another cultural aspect into the NYFW 2020 mix, Fashion Hong Kong is a series of international promotional events organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to show of the design talents of three prominent HK labels. The 2020 NYFW event hosted designers Harrison Wong, Heaven Please + and Sun = Sen, an excellent cross section of styles and genres to represent this Asian market that is only getting stronger.

Harrison Wong’s NYFW collection for Fashion Hong Kong’s presentation was a sporty layered approach. With a mostly western feel in form, the cut and styling of the garments maintained an Asian edge that created a truly cross cultural reference and an extremely wearable set. Muted greens juxtaposed with bright blue added a fun but still serious approach.



Independent, Dreamy, Extraordinary.  Established in 2011, Heaven Please + is a constantly evolving brand consistently looking for a new story to tell. Deriving inspiration from anything in that regard, a novel or a piece of engaging music, the design duo offers up a 2020 collection that brings passion and imagination to the forefront.

While the western trend of oversized blazers is referenced, it’s done in a way that is purely an Asian aesthetic, pulling a boxy silhouette into many of the forms and showing an abundance of fabric in cuts that create a rather stately appearance. Large ruffles are used to draw the eye rather than to simply impart femininity and strong colour choices are used throughout tempered with metallic threads to impart opulence in many. The grey and camel pieces were a particular favourite and could very easily transition into a wearable staple.



Part of Fashion Hong Kong, designer Sun Lam has garment making in her DNA with a family history of being in the biz in HK. She’s been selected previously as one of the black sheep designers for the Not Just a Label showing, and in 2017 was chosen as an Emerging Talent for the Paris TRANOI show.

The SUN =SEN Fall/Winter 2020 Collection titled I SWEAR I’M A NICE GHOST is a playful  collection inspired by an alien character called Nice Ghost, which has the desire to encourage people to express themselves and break through social stereotypes. In this case colourful fabrics and details like tassels and poms used in fun ways encourage the whimsical side of a garment. SUN=SEN always hopes to use garments to spread a sense of optimism to the world.


Photography by Tony von Thelen ( @teevonteephoto )
for Trend Privé Magazine

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