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This season’s Secteur 6 show at New York Fashion Week featured classic utilitarian cuts and intentionally relaxed silhouettes that imply stylish lounging in a free spirited lifestyle. Fringe embellishments, palettes, embroideries, appliqués, which are speaking to a new detail oriented generation of consumers. When asked recently for one word to describe their collection, and in fact, their business model, Secteur 6 replied Regenerative … because they take sustainable fashion seriously. And with style. This Regenerative collection at New York Fashion Week 2020 proves transparency is the new black. And green. And orange. And…

The Secteur 6 brand specializes in organic and regenerative manufacturing from their dying techniques to locally sourced and organically created fabrics and textiles. The brand’s main mission is to offer a way to eliminate poverty for the people in the region, which includes employing farmers with realistic living wages, regenerating the environment and selling a chic, conscious collection.



Positioning itself as the world’s first fully regenerative fashion brand, Secteur 6  was founded by brothers Amit and Puneet Hooda in Delhi India. Often described as the Fashion City of India, Delhi has a strong, forward thinking community in the sustainability scene which the Hoodas have played a pivotal role in establishing. The Secteur 6 district is becoming a transformative region that touts state of the art facilities with impeccable design and production.

The systemic dismantling of traditional farming methods in recent years created dependence on unsustainable crops that created drought in vast farming regions. There has been large scale projects across India to regroup and address the issues, and hence a return to farming using organic, naturally drought tolerant crops which are often used in textile production. As a generous amount of the world’s cotton production is based in India, this means good things on a large scale. With India’s farmers embracing the organic industry as a strength, the overall amount of naturally farmed textiles available for use in the garment production industry is not only climbing, but also offering a way for these once targeted farmers to embrace their traditions and retake their craft. The domino effect is that textile production around treating and dying methods also becomes less or non-toxic, benefitting us all.

Photography by Tony von Thelen ( @teevonteephoto )
for Trend Privé Magazine

Andrea Bell

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