Mark Kenly Domino Tan Autumn/Winter Copenhagen Fashion Week

The Mark Kenly Domino Tan show at Copenhagen 2020 Autumn / Winter displays a somewhat Detective Noir meets Feudal Japan aesthetic, which fits perfectly into the modern day style. 

Providing a sophisticated selection of deluxe attire where exquisite design meets premium quality, the Mark Kenly Domino Tan brand devotes a large amount of thought towards the figure and personality of the modern woman and what she wears. Tan crafts beautiful yet minimalistic silhouettes that can stand out in any event without requiring large pops of color or crazy cuts of fabric. Wearable on almost any occasion while maintaining the cool professional look that is aspired to these days. The result of this is clothing with a contemporary and timeless style. The philosophy of the brand is to craft exquisite and responsible clothing made of luxe materials and a commitment to quality that can last a lifetime, a sustainable approach.


The collection is separated into five primary aspects with which Mark Kenly Domino Tan generally creates from. It is crucial for the company to refine and develop these aspects each season.  It is of great importance that the brand creates collections of great character with emphasis on staying new and on trend while paying respect to tradition and everlasting craftsmanship. The flowy loose silhouettes combined with the fairly neutral color spectrum pay a certain type of homage to fashions of yesteryear while the clean cuts and pristine fabrics add a new and exciting ‘look at me’ type of vibe that’s sure to please almost everyone.

Mark Tan made his first dress at the young age of twelve for the Danish Royal Family. Mark continued his fashion journey by attending the prestigious Kolding School of Design in Denmark contributing to brands such as Alexander Mcqueen, Balenciaga and Sonia Rykiel. 




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