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Aleem Yusuf at Paris Couture Fashion Week 2020

Couture designer Aleem Yusuf custom designs wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and more to fit the visions of a client. Yusuf grew up in the 1980s, experimenting with his career at the young age of nine, and draws his inspiration from his natural surroundings, scenery. His recent collection shown at Paris Couture Fashion Week embodies the quaint style of period flamboyancy flirting with the modern silhouette. The entire collection appears to represent the Golden Age, embellished with Swarovski crystals, sequins, glass beads, and ostrich feathers. 

His CFW2020 collection stands for his life journeys, hence the title The Nomade Collection which tells a story about his childhood in Pakistan, and his adult life in Australia, using the deep blues of the ocean in contrast with the red of the desert sands. Whether it’s different types of fabrics, embellishments, laces, or silks… or a particular spectrum of color, all of his creations have a deep meaning to them.  



The Nomades

The women who buy his gowns from the collection  are named after the collection, and known as Nomades. The Nomade collection took Yusuf up to 2,000 hours to complete during the creation process. Although he gained most of his experience from his great aunt, also a fashion designer, the majority of Yusuf’s studies took place at Melbourne School of Fashion where he completed most of his training in fashion and couture.

Yusuf caught an interest in starting up a luxury fashion brand in the heart of Australia catering to well heeled women, but his niche is brides and occasion wear. His gowns are hand-crafted, or made-to-measure and available are  headpieces, veils, and jewelry custom-made to blend with the gowns.

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