Holzweiler Autumn/Winter Copenhagen Fashion Week 2020

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Preppy, sporty, trendy… words that end in Y. At first glance the Oslo based brand Holzweiler seems to be simple staples that would appeal to any active young thing. On closer inspection, the relaxed but somehow still energetic collection shown at Copenhagen Fashion Week unveils a much more substantial foundation. Gorgeous natural textiles and peppy cuts show off a solid understanding that sustainable fashion has come a loooong way from it’s granola roots.

Of course couture and fancy are an easy road to travel when one wants to show off the grander side of eco, but the core, wearable parts of the every day wardrobe are still a bit of a unicorn in the sus-fash movement.  Holzweiler’s innovative and creative approach to their collection – introducing subtle yellows and gorgeous patterns into basics, knocking the details up just enough to be sassy but not pretentious – this label generously lives up to its hashtag #hangwithholzweiler . Relaxed is a good way to be when your threads look this good.



Siblings Susanne & Andreas Holzweiler founded the savvy fashion house in 2012 with their scarves from silk, lambswool & cashmere in collaboration with the famous Norwegian stencil and streetart artist, Martin Whatson, creating immediate appeal. With a background in the fashion industry, the two were intent on creating a line of everyday wear that spoke to their love of culture and artistic reference while maintaining an eye for functionality and quality.

In 2014 Maria Skappel Holzweiler joined the family business as Head of Design, further strengthening Holzweiler’s attention to detail and culminating in the launch of their first Ready-To-Wear clothing line, currently represented at over 200 leading retailers in Europe, US and Asia. As a brand originating in a fairly remote corner of the globe, this collection will only grow the potential of the label into more of a powerhouse, especially with the passionate movement in sustainable fashion underway. And we are more than here for it.


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