Helmstedt Copenhagen Fashion Week’s French Tea Party

If you’re a woman that’s not afraid of being seen then Helmstedt is your brand. With their  vibrant clothing you can be sure that you’ll be in the spotlight. This doesn’t mean they’re obnoxious however, each piece is beautifully detailed and well thought out, the colors don’t clash and the figures though non-precise are fitting for the style. Their runway show was something out of an Alice In Wonderland party hosted by Tim Walker. Each item looks good when compared to the others (and we just have to say we love the forks). Each outfit looks similar to a dessert… like an insouciant… parfait? And most of them are adorned with a badass headpiece or bonnet (because who doesn’t need a teapot chapeau in their arsenal?).


Helmstedt’s Fall/Winter collection combines practical clothing to be worn in the cold and typically Easter flavoured unique and vibrant patterns and colors to make you stand out in a crowd. Their outfits almost have a Spring-like aspect to them which sets them apart again from the bleak blacks and greys that you usually see in warmer clothing. The pieces have a fun carefree style which make one think of simpler and more childish memories. The materials they use are organic, comfortable and warm, making sure that you’re not just getting them for looks but that they’re for practical use in your everyday life as well.                       


Their collaboration with fellow Danish brand Skagen bring their creativity to the watches with inspiration from the collection. They’ve made a set of limited run watches in the show’s style, and although obviously smaller than the outfits they’re pretty big statement pieces that can definitely make an outfit with their explosive colors and delightfully whimsical patterns. These five watches are all beautiful in their craftsmanship and detailing and the candy-like appearance of them fit the outfits perfectly      



HELMSTEDT brings their impalpable creativity and unapologetic approach to color and design to Copenhagen Fashion Week at the spectacular French Embassy that embodies all of Emilie Helmstedt’s sources of inspiration for the Fall/Winter 2020 collection. The show has been hosted with support from the watch brand SKAGEN.

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