Stylist Tips for the Most Stunning New Years Hair

The headband has proven it’s here to stay – but The Glitter Headband takes it to the next level this season. Just as practical as they are pretty, we’ve seen knotted, suede, silk, padded, and even crystal headbands take over in 2019. It makes sense then, that this year’s go-to look combines the love of glitter with the standout hair accessory in a look that will have you shinin’ bright.


Sarah Lund, STYLE.MASTER at KEVIN.MURPHY dishes on how to recreate The Glitter Headband below using fine biodegradable glitter, which is mixed with a light hold gel or lotion to sit perfectly on your head all night long. Lund, the creator of trends like hair foiling and the glitter pony, is no stranger to a star-studded look. She says the glitter headband is perfect for all your parties or events as it will stay in place throughout all the dancing you’re sure to be doing. You can even switch up the color of glitter to match your outfit and turn heads all night long.




Step 1:

Begin with a center part and creating a 1 Inch wide section over the top of the head, the section should taper down to just behind the ear. This section should sit where you would wear a headband.

Clip all remaining hair out of the way.


Step 2:

Take the 2 “headband” pieces and secure together with a small elastic at the nape of the neck


Step 3:


Use a light hold hairspray like SESSION.SPRAY FLEX to smooth down the “headband” section and to lay down any flyaway pieces.


Step 4:

Mix glitter of choice with a light hold gel or lotion. I used ANTI.GRAVITY by KEVIN.MURPHY mixed with Karizma Beauty fine biodegradable glitter in Warm-Up.


Step 5:

Use a small hair color brush (a makeup brush works too!) to apply glitter mixture to the headband. Make sure to start at the top of the head and brush down. Touch up as necessary to fully cover the area. Allow product to fully dry.


PRO TIP: Use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment to speed drying time.



Hair/Creative Director: Sarah Lund @sarah.lovekm using KEVIN.MURPHY @love_kevin_murphy

Photo/Makeup/Retouch: Jay Brans @jaybrans

Model: Lucy Plunkett @lucyyplunkett with Evo Model Management @evomodelmanagement

Biodegradable Glitter: Karizma Beauty @karizma_beauty

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