Experiences are the new “must have” gifts on everyones list!

Who doesn’t get stressed out over money when it comes to holiday shopping? I know I do! Here are a few alternative ideas that focus on less clutter stacking gifts, and more on experiences, creating lifelong memories instead.

Photo by Алсу Ягудина

It is no secret that getting active creates feel-good feelings, reduces anxiety, and is great for your health overall. Go spend the day out on the slopes snowboarding or sledding with your friends and family.

Spend the day making delicious gooey treats! Who doesn’t love getting messy, and devouring yummy food? After all, it’s the holidays, don’t worry about starting your diet until January 1st. Here is my new favorite recipe that we just made last night!

experiences Take a vacation to that hot spot you have been eyeing all year long. What a better time than now to invest in yourself after a year of hard work! Places like Expedia and Travelocity are having some amazing holiday deals around this time of year! Send us a postcard wherever you end up booking your stay!

Create art. This one is my personal favorite. Take up that pottery class, or glass blowing workshop your local art community offers! Set yourself a new goal to learn a new hobby. Art is truly great for the mind, it relieves depression, and you can create something custom to go with your home decor.

Photo by Felix Rostig
Photo by Felix Rostig

In conclusion, spend more time creating fun memories by going out and enjoying experiences with your loved ones, rather than stressing, and spending your paychecks on items that will be forgotten & stashed by the next year’s holidays!


Happy Holidays!

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