Travel to Make a Difference – 8 Best Inspiring Travel Opportunities for 2020

Travelling is always an eye-opening experience. When you travel, you explore other countries and cultures. This way you’re growing up and developing your personality. Travelling can have a positive impact on your life. If you like getting to know people and nationalities all over the world, book your tickets right away. If you want to have a really unique experience in 2020, you can opt for traveling which is more than just sightseeing. It seems that 2020 is the perfect time to help someone and leave a trace anywhere in the world with tons of fun in the process. 

Spend a few weeks rescuing dogs in Bali 

Anyone who’d like to explore and visit Asia and at the same time loves animals is going to love Bali. Trip to this Indonesian island provides you with opportunities to meet a lot of people and make lifelong friendships. It also includes meeting a lot of puppies and finding homes for them. If you choose to visit Bali in 2020 you’re bound to have a lot of fun walking, socializing with dogs, and providing them with loving families.

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Help to save the marine life in Seychelles

Seychelles is known primarily for its golden sand and Coco de Mer palms. Seychelles is a famous vacation destination. The best way to experience the beauty and uniqueness of Seychelles is to provide your small contribution to this beautiful environment. You can take part in measuring coral growth and identifying biodiversity hotspots. This way you’ll assess the health of coral reefs and coastal ecosystems. You can spend your spare time enjoying the beach or diving in the amazing waters of Seychelles.

Help turtles in Costa Rica  

Another lovely place where you can spend your vacation helping animals is situated in Central America. One of the most popular projects in Costa Rica is The Turtle Conservation Project. This project includes many different activities. For example, monitoring the turtle eggs and keeping the beaches clean are some of the usual activities. Since most of the required work is done on the beach, the accommodation is usually within walking distance. 

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Make a difference in Australian wildlife

For any animal lover, the right choice of destination is Australia. A chance to make life easier for many species, even the ones you’ve never heard of is what makes the experience of wildlife volunteering so unique. You can spend your time in Australia feeding different animals or cleaning their habitats. Get ready to spend a few weeks surrounded by crocodiles, cockatoos, and lorikeets. If you’re a hard worker and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, wait no more, and head to Australia for a life-changing experience.

Teach English in Sri Lanka

Use 2020 as a great time to visit Sri Lanka, get acquainted with local customs and offer free lessons of English. Locals will be more than happy with a chance to learn more and you will be fulfilled while helping someone out. Working with people creates a lot of opportunities for meeting people and getting to know the culture better. The great thing about this is that the learning process goes in both directions. Your students could be kids or adults, and both groups can be very interesting and easy for cooperation.

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Show your athletic skills in Bolivia

If you’re an athlete and you’ve always wanted to see Africa, you can immediately book tickets for Bolivia. Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the largest city in Bolivia and the perfect place for you to spend time teaching children the basics of judo, volleyball, or football in a local school. For this, you don’t need any kind of prior experience, just the goodwill and a lot of patience for working with kids. Besides the little things you do on a daily basis to save the planet, you can contribute even more in making life easier for someone else.

Take part in empowerment projects in India

India is a country full of authenticity. It is a real delight to get to know the customs and everyday life of Indians. Their religion is worth exploring. Besides all these amazing reasons to visit India in 2020, you can also do it for a higher cause.  Women empowerment in India is a huge movement, and a chance to contribute to it shouldn’t be wasted. You can make a difference in Indian Women’s lives. Trough sewing or arts and crafts you can improve the chance of employment and education success for them.  

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Offer your help to South Africans 

If you opt for a trip to South Africa, you’ll find a plethora of projects in which you can take part. Making the world is always exciting. You can contribute to South African life by choosing health care programs. You can spend a few months in Cape Town as a nurse. The local population will appreciate your goodwill and help you provide. Be it physical or mental health, any kind of help will be warmly welcomed. 


Traveling for a higher cause is one of the things that will enrich your experience and help you grow and develop your personality. Think of your preferences for the type of work you’ll like to do and choose the perfect destination. Combine good deeds with lots of fun and help make the world a better place.

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