FF-1051 Gallery is pleased to present Notes on Nostalgia, new works by Isabella Innis.

Curated By: Gallery Founder, Holly Purcell

Running Until December 1st, 2019

In her paintings on paper and canvas, Innis explores her relationship with childhood scenes, motifs, and emotions. Isabella represents a variety of nostalgic modes, at times sentimental, at times playful, yet often evoking both the joy and grief of passing time. As the viewer progresses through the exhibit, lyrical color gradients juxtapose with geometric forms and chaotic charcoal lines surrounding commonplace objects — a banana, a game of checkerboard, a hopscotch path, a houseplant — connecting the universal to the personal through constellations of color, line, and shape. 

Common conceptions about the arch of time — beginning, middle and end — are explored in a set of three paintings on paper with repeated images of memory accompanied by an additional large format painting on the same theme. Innis’ playful meditations on the bitter-sweet nature of impermanence draw from a long tradition of the still life painting in art history. Innis stands out by infusing her work with a childish energy and graphic aesthetic which is intrinsic to her generation and the times we live in.

Together with the dominantly raw canvas, charcoal and oil stick works, the exhibition includes a video installation titled “Nana plays piano” in which Innis projects a looped video animation of footage of her grandmother performing at the age of 82, taken just months before her passing— an ode to female roles in family systems and their artistic traditions, from cradle to grave.

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