Juana Molina Releases Exclusive New Music Video, Paraguay Punk

The famous Argentinian pop musician Juana Molina has released the widely anticipated music video, Paraguaya Punk, exclusively on an art-house digital streaming platform, KABINETT.

Known as a master of mysterious, sophisticated experimental pop, Juana Molina is about to surprise everyone with the For fun EP, which exudes a joyful punk mood. It derives from a set Juana and her band had to improvise when they found themselves on the stage of a major festival without their instruments. This DIY-style resourcefulness resulted in a unique sound that showcases the band’s true abilities and creativity as both performers and songwriters.

Paraguaya Punk is the first track on the EP, and is illustrated in this animation by Argentine director Dante Zaballa.

Juana Molina’s  Forfun EP 10” limited edition colored vinyl & digital versions are out on October 25th, to be released by Crammed Discs.

Paraguaya Punk Paraguaya Punk

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